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 spilt coffee -- [open]

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PostSubject: spilt coffee -- [open]   Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:46 pm

aya ross

aya's eyes scanned shelf beyond shelf of paper heaven. her nostrils flared, trying to take in as much of the scent as possible. the room smelled of coffee and old books; something that she appreciated immensely. outside, autumn was whipping up winds and blanketing the ground with leaves of all different colors. it was aya's favorite time of the year. what better way to celebrate the coming season than with coffee and a good book? aya walked towards a shelf in the corner, letting her fingers run along the novel's spines. her brown eyes flicked from title to title until she found one that interested her. the book was a hardcover and looks fairly old. on the cover was a picture of a locked door which was covered in vines, and above it read "the secret garden by frances hodgson burnett" in gold lettering. she wandered over to a chair next to a giant panel window and began to read. her sweater was tugged over her frail hands and her coffee sat on the window sill next to her. just as she was about to turn the page, boiling hot liquid spilled down her stomach and all over her crotch. "wha-" she shrieked and whipped her head to see a bewildered camper.

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a. hams
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PostSubject: Re: spilt coffee -- [open]   Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:43 am


Ero, despite his less-than-intelligent demeanour, loved to read. He loved the smell of books both new and old, he loved holding them in his sun kissed hands. But he was very picky about what he read. Stories of romance and heated passion weren’t the books that Ero enjoyed, because they were often to slow and were more often than not predictable as hell. The guy gets the girl, they ride off into the sunset, yadda yadda yadda. No, the books that Ero loved the most were books about dangerous adventure and daring quests. There was always a plot twist that kept the demigod on the edge of his seat until the very end, the hero sometimes died but that’s what he liked. Not everyone got a happy ending, and certainly not him. Ero’s life was just one big adventure after another, and they weren’t always successful. Like the night in the alley, for instance, when Dean was murdered. 

But the boy tended not to dwell on that anymore, although he felt guilt and shame he pushed it down. He walked over to a window with a book in his hands, reading about the main character warding off undead skeletons. The words got scrambled, the letters getting mixed up before his very eyes and Ero was frustrated. His ADHD was incredibly bad, and he could barely read Cat in the Hat without stuttering half a dozen times. Ero didn’t understand why at camp they didn’t just have books written in greek, because he could read greek as easily as he could breathe and walk. Ero kept walking and didn’t notice that he had spilt coffee on a girl before she yelled in surprise. Ero finally looked up at her, or rather, down. “Oh uh…” The demigod was at a loss for words, blinking as he stood as still as a statue. “S-sorry did I do that? I’m sorry."

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PostSubject: Re: spilt coffee -- [open]   Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:06 pm


Malcolm had been reading in the library. As if he ever did anything else. The boy’s library visits had started increasing and increasing, as the days grew shorter and shorter. The air started to become brisk and Malcolm wasn’t one for being known to withstand any sort of extreme temperatures, so he found himself inside more and more often. Of course, fall and spring were his favorite in the sense that the weather was moderate. As soon as he needed a jacket to go outside, Malcolm hated it, but for now, it was lovely. Although lovely wouldn’t be exactly the word that Malcolm would use to describe this weather - nothing related to the outdoors was ever lovely to him, besides training. That was necessary, bearable. Unfortunate, but bearable.

Malcolm spent his time either training or strategizing with the Athena Cabin Leader, Quell. They got along well, and often the previous cabin leader joined them. Malcolm could consider Quell his only friend, which was a little sad, but all too real. They weren’t even friends, just cabin-mates on good terms with a mutual need for each other, for Malcolm to satisfy his mind and for Quell to.. plan? He didn’t even need the help, but Malcolm needed something to do. He wasn’t planning on doing the camp’s required activities, except for training. As if. Today he was sitting in the back of the library, a book in his hand, in ancient Greek of course. Malcolm had gotten really good at reading Ancient Greek these past months.

Malcolm hadn’t noticed the girl come in until she started shuffling through books, but he raised his eyebrows at her, watching silently. Bewildered at what a girl was doing over here in the reference section, Malcolm came over to ask her about what she was reading, but somehow she managed to spill her coffee over herself. There was another boy there, maybe he had done it? idiot. Malcolm thought to himself, although thankfully did not say it out loud, putting the book over his face and beginning to read again.

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PostSubject: Re: spilt coffee -- [open]   

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spilt coffee -- [open]
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