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 living dead girl-- private

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PostSubject: living dead girl-- private   Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:58 pm

kalina nikolova.

who is in control?

it was weird, to have to push through a crowd of people. her last hazy memories were of floating-- being weightless, able to move through bodies without them even realizing she was passing. what was even more weird, though, was the crowd parting. it was as if she were a leper-- the moment one realized who she was and moved out of the way, others followed suit.

kalina was well aware that from the moment she had left the hera cabin to the second she had entered the mess hall, eyes were upon her. everyone watched her, now. before, she had been just one of dozens, nothing note worthy about her. certainly nothing which would merit watching her every move-- but it wasn't before, anymore. apparently dying for months and suddenly coming back was a big deal. everyone was interested, everyone had questions they were just dying (no pun intended) to ask, but no one wanted to be the first. no one wanted to approach the ex-hera cabin leader who'd died bloodily on half blood hill, so everyone stayed silent, kept their distance, and watched. it was creepy-- it made her skin crawl, always having eyes on her when she left her room. but, since she wasn't about to hold a q&a session, she knew she'd just have to grin and bear it. for how long, she had no idea. it had been over a week since she had broke the earth of her grave, and everyone still acted the same.

so, grin in place, kali moved through the space created by everyone's red sea like parting, grabbing a plate from the side, walking hastily over to the nearest table and dropping down. it wasn't that she was too distracted or too uncaring to take note of whether it was hera's table-- she had, in her time dead, forgotten a lot. that included the assigned seating arrangements. brown eyes looking anywhere but at the many other demigods, she began to munch on her sandwich-- eating was now an odd experience too, her stomach feeling like a bottomless pit which could never be satisfied after months of nothing at all-- trying to ignore the feeling that whoever was sitting beside her was silently judging. the problem was, though, that while she could ignore most people... it was a lot harder to ignore that 'you're being watched, horror style' feeling when it came from someone so close. a minute passed, and the brunette looked up at them. "what? are you the sandwich police?" taking another bite, she raised an eyebrow as she swallowed, "or are you marveling at the living dead girl? either way, staring is rude."

throw ( roses ) into the abyss and say:
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living dead girl-- private
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