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 hello, hello, is anyone home?--- private

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PostSubject: hello, hello, is anyone home?--- private   Mon Jun 02, 2014 4:21 pm


she says you don't want to me like me,
don't want to see all the things i've seen,
i'm dying, i'm dying...

Kalina had only been gone from Camp for a few days- and she was already feeling homesick. Which, was really not right. Camp wasn't her home, it was a place she trained in. Home was with her Mother and her Father, her Siblings. Home was where her room wasn't invaded daily by angry Hera Campers demanding answers for questions. But... it didn't stop her missing Camp. The beach, the lake, the cabins- her cabin- and, of course, the people. Her handful of friends... and Samuel.

She'd rolled out of bed, and for a split second managed to fool herself into thinking she was back at Camp. And that when she went to breakfast, she'd meet up with Sam. Then of course, she woke up and realized that that wasn't happening. She was stuck at home... and she was regretting her decision to come back.

It had been a wrestle with Yana for the phone after breakfast, a wrestle which she'd almost lost. Thankfully, however, she'd managed to grab the land line and run upstairs, locking herself in her bedroom. Yana had tried, of course, to open the door. But she hadn't been able to get in.

A few minutes later, she was holding the phone to her ear, the phone ringing as she fiddled with a pillow on her bed. There was a faint sound as the other side was picked up, and she smiled as she heard his familiar voice.

'Sam? It's Kali!'

Standing up, she walked to the window seat and plopped down, looking out onto the driveway where Petar was fixing up his bike.

'I miss you so much... has anything happened there? Anything worth telling?'

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PostSubject: Re: hello, hello, is anyone home?--- private   Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:58 pm

Samuel Trenton Mercer

Samuel sits on the edge of his bed, and looks around his room and lets out a loud sigh. Lately the boy has been living life in a sort of daze, just going through the motions without putting in much emotion or realizing what is going on around him. Part of this is due to the responsibilities that come with being a cabin leader. As much as Samuel enjoys being a cabin leader, he has to admit that he could use a break. He is stressed beyond belief with trying to run a cabin, as well as attend the meetings.

That is why he began to spend a lot o time with Kalina, to just take a break. Being around the brunette, is a source of relaxation and fun. But ever since the girl disappeared, he has been forcing himself into work, which has been clearly taking its toll on the boy. He has been getting less and less sleep than before, due to stress and worry.

Hearing the sound of his ring tone, Samuel fumbles around for his iPhone before grabbing it and swiping across the screen to answer the call. "Hello?"he asks as he holds it up to his ear. Campers aren't supposed to have phones, so Samuel is careful to not be over heard. On hearing the person on the other side of the conversation, his eyes widen as he smiles. "Kalina!"he exclaims his voice full of joy. "Well, apart from a few failed inventions and a minor fire? Nothing too important"he says with a laugh. "How have you been?"he asks her.

"yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away"
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hello, hello, is anyone home?--- private
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