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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 please? [private to moonie]

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PostSubject: please? [private to moonie]   Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:08 pm

Frederich Dieter Klein

Frederich runs his fingers through his hair and bites his lip as he walks along the beach. He knows Kylee well enough to know that if she's not at her cabin, she should be at the beach. After several run ins, and a few fairly lengthy conversations, Fritz has started to consider Kylee a friend. But lately, he's begun to think of her as more. The son of Zeus has started to develop a slight crush on the daughter of Poseidon. After a lot of thinking, he had decided to tell her. He is of course afraid of rejection, but it never hurts to try. Something about Kylee is just special.

Approaching the girl, he sits down in front of her and looks at her. He takes a deep breath and begins to speak. "Will you please go on a date with me?"Fritz asks staring into her eyes, begging with her. "I know you don't like me that much, but I like you, a lot"he adds. He then takes a deep breath, and nervously bites his lip as he waits for her answer.

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PostSubject: Re: please? [private to moonie]   Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:17 pm

Kylee Reeds
Kylee was out on the beach as soon as the ice retreated back into winter, which left the beach open, and the waves were decent. At least, the daughter of Poseidon made sure they were decent. She was using some of her demigod powers to make the seas do her will, but it was making for an alright time. The girl wasn't actually in the water though, she was just watching it. The sight of waves crashing against the sand has a calming effect on her normally stormy personality.

Sitting with a sweatshirt and jeans shorts, the girl pulled her legs to her chest, which allowed her head to rest on it. Her hair was up in a lose ponytail, which had strands falling out of it, but she didn't care. Hearing feet against the sand, she turned her head, lazily looking at the sight of cabin one's best. Kylee instantly straightened up, laying her legs in a criss crossed position. She didn't like seeming so closed when in front of Fritz anymore. The girl was beginning to get used to him.

Her blue eyes traveled onto his face, the sun lighting up his face perfectly, not that she'd tell him that. Kylee would never admit that she had a crush on one of the most wanted guys in camp. That wasn't something outsiders like her did. As he sat down, she looked at him, caught in his gaze. There was just something about him that was catching, and made her want to spend time with him, for some reason. His words surprised her, and the girl couldn't help but get a butterfly in her stomach. The way he bit his lip wasn't helping her focus on what he was actually saying either. "Uh, sure, she muttered, almost forgetting to speak.

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please? [private to moonie]
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