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 eating is so much fun right [pink]

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PostSubject: eating is so much fun right [pink]   Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:23 pm

oliver jay lewis

Oliver slipped into the line of the mess hall, eagerly awaiting his food, after a long training session with the Hermes cabin. The boy didn't like how cabin ten never went to the arena to practice their skills, so he often went in with cabin eleven, who had members more like him anyways. He enjoyed the trickery and playfulness of the Hermes campers, especially over his 'perfect' siblings. Perfection was something that seemed so terrible to Oliver, he hated to think about it.

Taking various delicious looking items from the food line, he looked around the Hall, scanning the room for Anna. He had gotten to know the daughter of Athena much better, and was beginning to think of her as a friend. No matter how much his mother disliked it, he thought she was nice enough. Sure, she could be slightly... smarter sometimes. Okay, maybe always, but Oliver didn't really mind.

Finishing his way through the line with iced tea, a BLT, chips, grapes, and a brownie, Oliver found his target, sitting on a vacant table. Oliver tried his best not to sprint over to his friend, before he slid over on a bench. "Hey Anna," he said conversationally, taking a bite from his sandwich. "How's it going?"
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PostSubject: Re: eating is so much fun right [pink]   Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:58 pm

Anna Tyler Belaire
n n n Daughter of Athena

Wack! Anna's throwing knife hit the straw dummy right where it's heart should be with a flick of her wrist. She had been practicing all morning even though she knew she knew how to use her throwing knives. Her stomach rumbled. Anna looked around for a quick moment realizing a few other people were there. I could go for some lunch, She thought. Anna put her throwing knives in her boots and left the arena, her cowgirl boots making a tap, tap tap, on the floor. She had on a pair dark blue skinny jeans and a blue tank top with her dreamcatcher shirt on. She had her hair in a braid bun and had her glasses on because her contacts had fallen down the drain when she was putting them on.

Anna walked timidly into the Mess Hall. She grabbed a tray and out a slice of pizza, a can of Coca Cola, and a bag of Doritos. Just as she was about to go sit at a table, some Ares kid bumped into her. "Hey watch it!" He had said to her. In reply she had just rolled her eyes. Anna sat at an empty table and had started eating her pizza when someone had came over to her table. She didn't really talk much so they had left a few minutes later. When she had was about to finish her pizza someone else sat next to her. When they said, "Hey Anna. How's it going?" She turned to look at them and smiled. "Hey Oliver." She had said before taking the last bite of her pizza. Anna had quickly gotten up and threw her stuff away. Anna came back with a cup cake in her hand. She had carefully unwrapped the cupcake and took a bite of it. "It's been going okay. What about you?" She said with icing on her upper lip.

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eating is so much fun right [pink]
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