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 Studying? Yea Right... [0pen]

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Goddess of Awesomeness

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PostSubject: Studying? Yea Right... [0pen]   Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:34 pm


Kalli bounced into the library. She wasn't happy a bit. She hated library's. They were to quiet, and nothing to do except for to sit and to read. Kalli enjoyed be read to, but reading herself? No way. But Kalli was in the library for different reasons today. She was enrolled on an online-school, and her grades had begun to slip. Her mother had sent a letter to her a few days ago with her report card grades, and was obviously upset.
'They'll kick you out of the school, Kalli, if you're grades fall to far. You need to get a tutor or something, dear.' Her mother had said in the letter.
Kalli didn't want to let her mother down, even though she knew she wasn't going to be sent home at all. the 'boarding school' was just a cover. Kalli's mother didn't know she was a demigod.
So, Kalli searched the library for an Algebra II book, or something close to it. She sat down in a very uncomfortable chair, and squirmed in it for a few minutes. She had gotten some stares from other kids, Athena's children, she guessed. And then, Kalli opened the book. Inside was filled with countless word problems and tips that were supposed to make Algebra II 'easier'. Kalli gave up after only a few minutes, sighed, and rested the book on an end table next to her.

"This is hopeless..." She sighed.

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Mark_Son of Hermes


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PostSubject: Re: Studying? Yea Right... [0pen]   Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:08 pm

Alvin Corner

I walked in to the library to find a book my friend reccomended to me but I founded something 3x better, the beautiful Kalli Johnson. "Hey Kalli." I looked at her book on the end table. "Algebra II, ehh?" I sat down in the uncomfortable chair by the same end table. "I'm pretty sure that the whole point of being a year round camper is not to worry about school. Man, these chairs are really uncomfortable."
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Studying? Yea Right... [0pen]
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