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 Ranting! (don't bother to post here, but you can)

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PostSubject: Ranting! (don't bother to post here, but you can)   Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:18 am

Hey guys, It's me.
I have a few things so say that i want to shout in front of my class, but it might get me in to trouble, and it would be too embarrassing. So here it goes;

I really hate my school life, It's like i not even recognized! I just wanted to say in front of my class "Shut up! shut up! Shut the f*** Up!" (I apologize for the swearing, But i really did want to say it) The only ones that I like in the class are ..... let's just call her T, my ONLY friend; my crush.... let's call him J, and my teacher. And the reasons that I hate my school life are:

1.) My female classmate, let's call her K. She sits across me (because our classroom is also a science lab and the tables are like dining tables) . She is VERY annoying. I don't hate her or anything, it's just that she talks a lot, and she always puts her FREAKING FEET ON MY BOOKBAG!!!! (i call it bookbag because it holds all my books and note books, and I can leave it in school) and it's like she doesn't care about it!!! I just pull my bag away from her, but EVERY TIME I put it back, she ALWAYS puts her feet on top of it!!! She also borrows my FREAKING stuff, and sometimes, she doesn't even return it!!! she also borrows my mirror every 20 minutes! (I personally think that she's a narcissist)

2.) My exams right now. And i'm thinking that my lowest grade is my National language, filipino. (This is because I was raised in another country before coming here.)

3.) And lastly, Our group project. I have to do a f******g (again, I apologize for swearing) report on Wednesday just because I didn't contribute to our group project. It wasn't my fault!!! It's because the leader, let's call her C, didn't assign me to do a single thing!!! (personally, I don't think I can trust her anymore because of the logo incident, I TOLD her to submit the draft of the logo to the teacher, but NOOO, She had to give it to me! And I also told her to color it, and she DIDN'T! and now it's too late to submit it, and we don't get 30 points for our grade >:((. Just because i'm the leader doesn't mean that I should be the one to submit it!) I'm not mad at the teacher, I'm mad at C! She didn't assign me to do ANYTHING! And now I have to do the report (Which is about the periodic table of elements, by the way) to make up for it! on Wednesday!!!

I'm so angry right now! >:(( And i don't even care if i get into trouble in my school! I just want to stay home, and chat with you guys, you guys and my family are all i have as friends (And also T, J, And tcher), and I'm grateful for that :)

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Ranting! (don't bother to post here, but you can)
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