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 ~Ranting About My Mother~

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PostSubject: ~Ranting About My Mother~   Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:18 pm

Alright, first off.

My mother, sometimes is SUCH a pain in the ass.
I'm her own daughter and both me and my dad think of her the same way, we love her but we also hate her guts.

She whines, and complains, and treats all my YOUNGER siblings like royalty and treats me and my father like shit.

Now is that fair? NO.

Me and my dad do almost everything.

I practically raised my own siblings. 3 of them.

She has kidney failure, I understand it's hard and she is always in pain.


She uses that for a excuse for EVERYTHING. Wither it actually effects her or not.

My mother complains how we're messy, and we complain too much, she's 10x worse.
Whenever my mother has been in the hospital, I've had to stay up late to take care of the children, I feed them, make sure they're clothed, entertain them. Make sure they go to bed on time, teach them right and wrong, and she shows NO appreciation.

Earlier at about 9:19 PM, 6/21/14: I was doing a crap-load of laundry, and my siblings get into the freezer. See, they're not suppose too without permission and for some SPONTANTIOUS reason, my mother and my 8 year old pain in my ass sister, decided NOT too tell me that my mother gave permission for them to get into the fridge and grab a snack, so I ran them off with a warning smack {Before they attempted 3 times, I ran them off} and my mother FLIPPED, she gave me an entire lecture, and grounded me. WHICH she probably won't remember tomorrow but whatever.  lumpy space princess 

It took heavy-metal music and some intense meditating to calm me down.
I'm bipolar and I have some harsh mental issues. INCLUDING depression, of course she won't notice so no biggy, RIGHT?!?  Evil or Very Mad  

Anyway, just needed to get that out.  

I was ticked. Anyway, Thanks for reading my dumb problems. I'm probably being selfish but I needed to rant, Sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: ~Ranting About My Mother~   Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:54 am

Oh my god I know how you feel.

Excepy for me it's a stepmom with bipolar disorder that has not been diagnosed.

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~Ranting About My Mother~
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