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 FIRST RANT TOPIC. OH YAH. Ranting About Useless, Backstabbing Friends.

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PostSubject: FIRST RANT TOPIC. OH YAH. Ranting About Useless, Backstabbing Friends.   Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:28 pm

Oh joy! You all can get a glimpse of "Skye Behind The Computer Screen"

So a lot of my friends have known me since Freshman Year. (Last Year) Last year I was a pushover for my friends, doing whatever they asked me to. Now a lot of you would be like, "Oh Skye, you're too legit to do these things for these ugly mutants!" and truly, I would agree with you. But lonely, pathetic little me helped them with their homework, let them copy my homework, and even do most of it for them. Stupid me! Nowadays, a lot of my original little group has drifted away and formed their own little groups. FABULOUS FOR THEM!

But some have become major hypocrites, and honestly? I'm disgusted.

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PostSubject: Re: FIRST RANT TOPIC. OH YAH. Ranting About Useless, Backstabbing Friends.   Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:44 am

Wow. That was legit a scary rant. Considering I'm younger than you by 3 or 4 years, (I'm in seventh grade) You might not want to take advice from me. But anyway...

I know it's probably the thing everyone you ask say but IGNORE IT. Yeah, I went there. Just hang out with your real friends. Not the ones who used you for your homework. I've been there too. And maybe the girls or boys whoever are the hypocrites just aren't happy with their friends/life/current situation where ever. And they might be jealous of you, they probably are that you found real friends.

Anyway, I know it probably sounds cheesy but good luck(:
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST RANT TOPIC. OH YAH. Ranting About Useless, Backstabbing Friends.   Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:40 pm

I'm a Canadian grade-skipper because I'm smart like that, and I go to a private school. I'm in grade 11, so I am young for my grade, but I can totally understand what's up in your rant. I used to be bullied for being young. Nowadays, a lot of the people I know would be like "Aw hell naw, we were just playing, bro!" People like me more these days, so I don't get that crap from them any more. But even if they're hypocrites: what I understood was that even some of the most ugly idiots on the outside are just like me. They want to have friends, want to be recognized, and want to have people they can depend on.

Some people go too far with this. They use you and stuff. honeyBee gave good advice, because ignoring those who bring you down will get you farther. But it doesn't always work. Especially when your real friends backstab you (yes, i've been there, my character is based on my inner self and stuff) and become your worst enemies.

But if you've got those who will always help you no matter what, you've found a best friend and stick to him/her like glue. Don't let any stupid popularity contests rip you guys apart. And even if that is strained, you've got us. Yes, internet people, powerful, yet scorned. But if you need help, physical, emotional or whatever, we can support you. Good luck with your life, and thanks for your help, mod :3
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST RANT TOPIC. OH YAH. Ranting About Useless, Backstabbing Friends.   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:27 pm

D.R.A.M.A.: {D}umb. {R}etards. {A}sking for {M}ore. {A}ttenion.
(Credits to my bestie^^)

I totally think that HoneyBee and Ghost were right. But, I don't think that ignoring them is the best way to do things. Ignoring them is fine if you know that you're strong enough on the inside, but chances are, you aren't. Even if you are, good for you. I envy you, but most people aren't.

If you don't wanna hear me rant about not letting people copy your homework, skip this paragraph.
First of all, asking to copy homework is just stupid. It's pretty obvious after a while when you guys get the same mistakes over and over again after a while. I understand that you thought they were your 'friends' but you should've just left them when they asked. Seriously, when one asks for you to do their homework for them, thats just crossing the line. Okay, one or two questions are fine. There will be those one or two things that you don't understand in life. I get that. The whole point of homework is like... to Learn. What else? to cheat and be an [insert word here of your choice]? No. It's supposed to help you.

I always hated being around people who would think that 'Oh look, _________ (insert name)'s dad\mom drives\wears this brand of __________ [particular brand] She must be spoiled and bratty! Lets pick on her!' or, 'OH LOOK! _________ (insert name) knows most of the questions! Lets make her answer ALL our questions! Make her feel nerdy! She's a know-it-all! She knows what to do for her homework!' Get where I'm going at? Most of the time, scratch that, every time that happens, they want to take advantage. Just leave. Ignore them, they mean harm. As unlikely as tha seems, I'm not lying.

Skye, You are different your own way, I'm sure you have your little group of friends just waiting for you to come along. You just have to look. Maybe it's just one person. I don't know. But there will be someone whom you will (hopefully) meet and become friends with. Coming from an 11 year old, it doesn't seem much, but I'm not as simple as I seem. I, myself have alot of secrets. Just make sure these things don't ever happen to you again.

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PostSubject: Re: FIRST RANT TOPIC. OH YAH. Ranting About Useless, Backstabbing Friends.   

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FIRST RANT TOPIC. OH YAH. Ranting About Useless, Backstabbing Friends.
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