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 Family, Ranting Numero Uno

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PostSubject: Family, Ranting Numero Uno   Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:10 pm

Now, I don't like complaining IRL, so I'll do it on here.
First thing to know, my family:

monkey Oldest Brother: Is a Mechanic High-school drop-out who's father was a dead-beat. 2nd Older Brother Hates him from his childhood, I don't like him much either. Youngest LOVES him though.

Idea 2nd Older Brother: Hated him for the longest time, but recently I found a new found respect for him, and me and him now have this... how can I describe? Likeliness among us now that helps us understand each other. Him and I are starting a company together. Different father, but not a dead-beat and is actually pretty cool. (This is particularly interesting part of my life, because he was the 'popular' kid in high school, and I myself am a total nerd)

jocolor Younger Brother: Is going through his Mood-Swing stage of puberty. I torment him and he annoys me sometime, but in the end; I'd kill to make sure he'd be safe.

Sleep Mother: Alcoholic, used to be intelligent but now not so much. She has a descent corporation job that pays good. She drinks because her Mother died of Cancer when I was 3. I'm 14 now.

scratch Father: Alcoholic, was never intelligent and didn't get past freshman year in high school. Love him just as much as I love my mom (which is a lot) He drinks because he was a poor child (VERY poor) and he's turning into a less hot of head version of his father.

I love everyone in my family. But at one point or another, they annoy me; So I'll come here to rant if and when they do.

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Family, Ranting Numero Uno
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