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 Brenn's characters. New one!! :DD

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Kol Mikaelson
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PostSubject: Re: Brenn's characters. New one!! :DD   Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:05 pm

Max O'Connell


Name: Max O'Connell
God Parent: Dionysus
Claimed: Yes

"I was told by my mom. I knew she had been planning a surprise for me but I didn't realize it was this big. When she told me I was son of the wine god, though, that only made me feel like I was going to be made fun of at the camp for demigods. Still, the news shocked me and I couldn't help but feel important."

Mortal Family: Marie O'Connell
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: "I grew up on a farm, and to be quite honest it wasn't the best time. I had to work every day until I could work no more, making me always very sweaty but it was worth a nice trip to the river by our farm. I would usually sneak away when my mom was too busy. I used to slip down to the river and go for a dip to wash myself off. Anyway, on the farm we grew strawberries, tomatoes and grapes. When I was younger, the grapes confused me. They seemed to thrive more than any of the other crops we grew. It only stopped growing for a short time in January but it didn't stay dead for long which I found peculiar. I was the only man in the house which gave me even more of a responsibility. While on the farm I learned to tend all sorts of plants and my muscles developed along. However, when I moved to New York, people began to harass me for my accent. It was thick irish and most people laughed at me for not speaking properly. I was 12 when I found out I was a demigod which explained the grapes for me. That's about my train of thought, since I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Anyhow, a couple years past and I finally made it to camp half-blood."

Physical Appearance: "From working on the farm I grew tall and hand a great build. Thick bones, large muscles. New York skimmed me down some. I'm a bit skinny now. I have brown hair and shamrock green eyes. My face is slim with defined features. Like I said, I'm tall but what really startles people is my hands. I have two scars on my right wrist and one on my left. I have scratches up and down my palm from messing with thorns all the time."

Personality: "If I say so myself, I'm a good person. I don't pick fights. I avoid them. I do not talk to people for fear of getting harassed like all the other New Yorkers. I merely stay out of people's way. I tend not to talk. I usually nod and shake my head. Smile nervously or fidget with my fingers.People call me a sociopath which I assure you I am not. I merely dislike how rude people are. One more important thing about me is I'm hopeless when I see someone pretty. I admire them from a little distance, wishing I could go talk. Hating myself for not being social. When someone prettier comes along, I hate myself more. I tend to stay near the strawberry fields. That, or near the Aphrodite cabin. I have been told I look good but I am too afraid of getting turned down to ask anyone to a date or anything close to that. I get sad a lot. Just by seeing someone crying it would make me go into my own cabin and feel lonely, which I was. No friends and all... Sometimes I wonder why my mom hadn't named me Brennan which is an Irish name for someone who is weepy."

Fatal Flaw:"I have to say a problem is that I'm a downright coward. I run away from most fights which gets a lot of campers here killed."
Talents:"I wish I could say I had any. I'm not really worth much of anything. I like to play sports, I suppose, but whether I'm good at it is up to the people who want to play with me. No one really does, though."

Weapons: "I favor the bow and arrow so that I can stay a distance while I fight. OH! I guess that would be a talent, huh?"
Year-Round or Summer:"Year-Round, of course. I would hate having to keep leaving this amazing Haven."
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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Re: Brenn's characters. New one!! :DD   Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:43 pm

Nice character! Max O'Connell is Accepted!
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Brenn's characters. New one!! :DD
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