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 My characters

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PostSubject: My characters   Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:08 am

Name: Hali Nightfire and Rosa Nightfire

Age/Birthday: 16/ July 14 1995

Gender: Female

God Parent: Apollo

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Ashley Nighfire.

Years in Camp: 1st year

Brief History: Hali and Rosa were born in New York, but raised in Texas. Rosa has hated water ever since she almost drowned in their back yard pool at five. Their mother passed away three days before their 16th birthday. At least their Mother was able to see threw the mist and use Hali's sword. But that wasnt enough, she died trying to fight the Hydra that came for the twins at school. It burned down half of the school and killed their mother.

Physical Appearance: Hali has long dirty blonde hair, her eyes are hazel. Rosa has beach blonde hair that falls halfway down her back and her eyes are crystal blue. They are medium height and active.

Personality: Hali is child-like and loves to have fun. She likes to be unique and hates when people copy her.

Fatal Flaw: Hali freezes up when fighting and cant take on many attackers. Rosa hates heights and water. Hali can use a sword or a bow and arrow. Rosa can only use a bow and arrow.

Pets: Hali used to have a gold fish, but she killed it when she wanted to play with it at six. Rosa has had none but wants a pet Lynx.

Talents: Hali sucks at healing but has perfect aim with a bow. Rosa loves to help people and her healing is fine.

Weapons: Hali has a music note necklace, Rosa has a sun necklace, both necklaces turn into swords when twisted or Bow and Arrow when pulled.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Rounders

Other: The girls love to heal and help people. Rosa is the eldest by 3 minutes.

If I cant role play with both of them then please tell me and I will chose one. Thank you.
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My characters
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