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 Ara's First Character

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PostSubject: Ara's First Character   Tue Nov 08, 2016 4:59 am

Name: Aurora (Rory) Blakley

Age/Birthday: 16/March 20 1996

Gender: Female

God Parent: Thavma, Goddes of Emotions

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Miles Blakley (Father), Natalia Blakley (Step-Mother), Katerina Blakely (Mortal-Sister)

Years in Camp:7

Brief History: Rory was born to Thavma and Miles Blakley as Aurora. Her father is a doctor. Three days after she turned three, her father married Natalia Rose. Natalia treated her kindly only around Miles and cruelly otherwise. Aurora had few friends growing up, her ADHD and bizarre understanding of how people were feeling. When her younger sister Katerina was born, her first word was 'Rory'. The name stuck with the sisters, Rory calling her sister Kat. When she was nine, her step-mother decided to take her to a counselling session, believing that her strange behaviour was a result of mental illness. As they entered the session, they were attacked by a hellhound. Rory screamed loudly and the creature felt pain and sadness rolling over it, the same feelings Rory had experience her whole life. It collapsed in pain and ran into the shadows. Rory then proceeded to run away.

She was found by a protector and taken to CHB. Even there, she felt outcasted because no one could explain how she stopped the hellhound. Three weeks after she arrived, she was eating in the mess hall with Hermes Cabin when Camp Half-Blood was visited by the elusive goddess Thavma. She ordered a cabin to be built for her and announced that Rory was her daughter, Thavma's only living child.

Physical Appearance: Her hair is short and brown with blue at the tips and roots, the brown gained from her father. Her eyes are a metallic shade of copper and turn bronze when she is angry or excited. She has quite pouty lips and slightly pointed ears. She is about 7'12" and gets quite grumpy when people call her short. She often wears a blue tank top with a homemade camp logo sewed into it and denim shorts. She nearly always wears black converse high tops, which she bribes Hermes' kids to steal for her, one time each year. She always wears a necklace her mother gave to her. It's a locket with five small magical jewels, which flash colours to match her emotions.

Personality: To people, she doesn't know, Rory can be seen as somewhat cold and judgemental, smiling only at rare occurrences. When you get to know her, she is warm and welcoming, not judging  anyone for who they are. She is quite an understanding person and loves to give out free hugs.

Fatal Flaw: Her fatal flaw is insecurity, as she was raised in a family where she didn't matter. She always needs approvable to her exploits and finds it awkward in the company of new people. She doesn't believe in herself at all, the self-confidence she does have gets smaller every time someone criticises her.
Pets: A fangless viper named Rusty. She rescued him from Athena cabin and a deadly fate. He loves being petted and treated with flies and slugs.

Talents: She can manipulate people's emotions. She also can affect the area around her if she is in a bad mood.Good at hand-hand contact.

Weapons: Her necklace can transform into a bow, dagger or sword. She is an expert at confusing people.

Year-Round or Summer: Year Round

Other: Her all-time favourite colour is blue. Horrible runner for a demigod.
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Ara's First Character
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