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 ~You Can't Kill Us~

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PostSubject: ~You Can't Kill Us~    Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:13 am


Try to make it look like it's all somehow getting better
'Cause I know how to play it pretty good against the measure
Everyone started out a little insane
But we learn pretty quick how to fake it for the game
But some of you never learned to drop the act
So under that skin of yours: a heart attack

Aria Jane Herondale ~ Daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom.
Alexander Bradley King ~ Son of Mnemosyne, Titan goddess of memory and remembrance.

–Ginny Gardner as Aria
–Sterling Beaumon as Alexander

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PostSubject: Re: ~You Can't Kill Us~    Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:05 pm

        “I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise.” ― Blaise Pascal

        The Basics

          Name: Aria Jane Herondale
          Nicknames: AJ is a possibility.
          Age: Seventeen.
          Place of Birth: Savannah Georgia, USA.
          Date of Birth: January 3rd, 1999.
          Gender: Cis Female.
          Sexuality: Hetero
          Godly Parent:  Athena, goddess of strategy, crafts, wisdom and prowess in battle.
          Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed.
          Mortal Family: •Keith Herondale ~ Father

        The Story

          Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year Round Years at Camp: Four.
          History: Born in the south USA, Aria was raised with her father, whom taught at the local college. Her life was happy, her father always took care of her, and there was never any questions to be asked. Around the age of ten, the girl started to see peculiar things. When on the school play ground, she once saw a woman with the body of a snake for legs. She went home that day and told her father. He sighed heavily and shook his head. "It's nothing," was his reply. "Just you're mind playing tricks on ya."

          There were another few incidents throughout the next two years, and then at the age of thirteen Aria spotted what she would later come to know as a cyclops. She was walking home from school with her friend Matt, whom told her to run. She did so. As they took off down the sidewalk, the monster laughed, a sound that still haunts the girl to this day. When she got home, panting out of breath, Matt still by her side, her father gave the pair a strange look.

          "It's... time," Matt said between deep breaths.Her father nodded.
          "Wait," Aria asked. "Time for what?"
          Both of them looked at her, and after a few moments hesitation, they took turns explaining about her demigod status and CHB. In two weeks time, she was sent to Camp Half-Blood and fit right in.

        Behind The Mask

          Personality: Aria is a mixture of all sorts of personality traits. She is always on her toes, ready to attack when need be. The girl always makes it a point to be aware of her surroundings, locating the most valuable resources first. Looking at her, you might think that she is flirtatious, and about that you are right. However, she see's it as more of a distraction than anything. A predator and her prey, if you will. Ms. Herondale also has trust issues and is typically your laid back sort of person unless you endanger her or her loved ones. Then it's game over. No matter what she is going through she is the sort of girl that is seen with a smile on her face, always keeping her emotions bottled up inside. Another thing having to do with her appearance is that her hair being blonde, people typically think that she is the stereo-typical giggling school girl. Correction: This girl will beat you to a pulp in a very short amount of time and never look back.  Aria is adventurous, always up for a challenge. She is also an adrenaline junkie, and loves to exercise.
          Fatal Flaw: Like most children of Athena, Aria's fatal flaw is Hubris.
          Likes: •Reading/Writing
          Dislikes: • Being told to behave in a "Lady Like" manner.
          •Not knowing anything that could be considered major.
          •The color yellow.

        On The Outside

          Physical Description: Standing at a height of five foot, six inches, Aria has blonde hair that falls in natural waves right below her shoulders. Her body type could be considered a slim hourglass, the girl only weighing one-hundred thirty pounds. Her legs have the slightest undertone of muscle, her arms built the same way. Her face always looks determined, or as if she is thinking of something. Aria's skin is a light tan, from spending so much time outside.
          Dressing Style: Aria typically dresses in denim shorts and a tank-top or t-shirt. Her hair can be seen pulled back into a pony tail, her sword strapped over her back and her knife hidden in her right combat boot.

        Demi-god Facts

          Demigod Talents: •Aria excelles in academics, as well as doing things with technology such as creating programs.
          •Hand to hand combat
          Weapons: A celestial bronze sword, approximately 4 foot long, and a celestial bronze knife.
          Pets: A four year old rottweiler named King. He is a going away present from her father.  

        * the puppet master *

          Name/Alias: You can call me Blue, Aria, or, if you prefer, my actual name, Haley.
          Interests: Reading, writing, MUSIC, fangirling, tumblr.
          How you found this site:Just browsing.

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PostSubject: Re: ~You Can't Kill Us~    Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:36 pm

aria is accepted!

great first character!! and Herondale is making me fangirl bc tmi
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PostSubject: Re: ~You Can't Kill Us~    Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:15 am

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Basics

"Just call me Alec and we should get along great."

Name: Alexander Bradley King
Nickname: Alec, Brad, and some tend to call him King.
Age: Eighteen.
Gender: Cis Male.
Birthday: August 31st, 1997.
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA.
Sexuality: Hetero
Godly Parent:Son of Mnemosyne, Titan goddess of memory, remembrance, inventress of language and words.
Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed.

The Story

Mortal Family: •Daniel and Ashley King•
"They're my parents.. No more, no less. They have their faults, I have mine, and most of the time, we don't get along that well."
Daniel and Ashley are Alec's adoptive parents. Daniel is typically quiet and secluded. Ashely is always to busy working. Daniel also has a drinking problem, but is able to function at his job just enough to bring home the paycheck every week. Daniels drinking problem began shortly after the boy was adopted.

•Kiera King•
"Meet my little sis. Mess with her you die. After all, she is my heart."
Keira is the only person who Alexander loves with all of his heart, the only person that he would die for. The little girl born was born when Alec was in first grade, making her five years his junior. When Daniel began his drinking, the boy assumed the position of raising her, making sure that the laundry was done, she was bathed and feed, etc. She is the only reason that he is not a year-round camper.

Alexander's past is something that he will never talk about unless it is strictly required or you are very close to him. Born in a small right on the outskirts of Nashville, the boy had a drunk of a father and his mother died during giving birth to him. For this, he never has forgiven himself, considering that he thinks his mother's death is his own fault. Not wanting the child, his father gave Alexander up for adoption.

And then the so called adventure started. At the age of 3, he was placed with a loving family. Raised in the household until the age of 6, Alec found out that he was to be a big brother, his so called adoptive parents pregnant with a little girl. However, what the young, naive, child did not know was that the only reason the family had considered adopting him was they thought they were unable to be pregnant. It was 5 months before the end of his temporary mothers pregnancy that he was sent back to the foster home.

It was not until the age of 10 that he was officially adopted by a family in Nashville, and here he was nothing more than a meal ticket. Taking care of the Keira by making sure that she ate as well as seeing to it that the girl was clothed, bathed and got her homework done, Alec did not care so much for his schooling. Being a D average student has really gotten him nowhere, though as long as the children were taken care of, he could care less about himself. Despite his home life and poor grades, he does and has had lots of friends at school.

Behind The Mask


♦ Kind ♦ Energetic ♦ Dependable ♦ Confident ♦

Alec is a kind person, always helping and looking out for others. He can't simply help it. If you have a problem, he's the one to come to. He is also very dependable, and when he say's he will get it done, he will. Perhaps not at the exact time that he or you would like, but if you ask him to make a cake, and the boy agrees to do so, expect the cake on your doorstep pretty soon. Along with being dependable, he hates broken promises. When he says the words "I promise" he will stick by that promise until the day he dies to make sure that it is fulfilled.

Alec is not one for gossip, though is a loud and rambunctious person. If there is a party or social activity to be found, he will find it and you can be sure to find him there.
A downside, when Alec tells you that he is confident, he's not lying. The boy has a major ego and cares -perhaps to much- what others think of him. In short, Alec is a flirt. He flirts with friends, almost-friends, and well, everyone of the female gender, really.
Arguments over things that he is passionate about.
Playing in the mud or outside in general.
Summer Nights.
Harry Potter- the books, that is.
Rock Music- Stuff along the lines of Hinder, Creed, Evanescence and Simple Plan. He doesn't listen to it loudly, but loud enough.

School in general. Well, lunch is okay.
Stuck up people.
Being judged on his appearance.
Romance movies.
Being told what to do.
Broken Promises

On The Outside

Physical Appearance:Standing at 5 feet, 11 inches and weighing in at a total of 160 pounds, Alec has chocolate brown hair that is cut short and slightly swept up in the front. His eyes are a warm caramel color, always seeming inviting. His skin is smooth to the touch and could be considered a light tan color from staying outdoors. His cheekbones are defined, giving his face a angular like shape.

Dressing Style:T-shirts that seem to hug in all the right places can be found on Alec's slightly muscular torso as well as the occasional sweater or two. Jeans are his main bottoms, though maybe some cargo shorts here and there. Sneakers or vans for the finish.

Identifying Marks:Alec has a scar on the right side of his face going from his temple down to his jawbone. Approximately 6 inches long.

Demi-god Facts

Year Round or Summer Camper: Summer Camper.

Years At Camp: 4.

Demigod Talents:




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PostSubject: Re: ~You Can't Kill Us~    Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:09 pm


In order to have a demi-titan, you need 500 posts.

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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PostSubject: Re: ~You Can't Kill Us~    

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~You Can't Kill Us~
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