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 Viktor_Adamson's Character

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PostSubject: Viktor_Adamson's Character   Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:16 am

Name: Viktor Adamson

Age: 17

Birthday: January, 27, 1998

Gender: Male

God Parent: Apollo

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: True family: Unknown. Last Foster Family: Richard and Mary Edmonds.

Years In Camp: New Arrival

Brief History: I lived in foster homes all my life. My true family is unknown. I found out I was a demigod, when I was at my last foster home in Manhattan. I was hanging out in one of the parks reading when I saw people start to pass out. I momentarily started to freak out. I rushed home to find my foster family asleep. I wandered around town until I saw some teens in Greek armor walking around. I hid and waited for them to pass. I heard them talking about something having to do with Kronos, some guy named Luke and monsters. I sat on top of an apartment complex roof and watched the first battle. Everything seemed crazy to me. But it all was strangely believable, like I knew that this was going to happen. After the battle and everyone withdrew, I went down and inspected the damage. I found a sword that I kept to protect myself should I get found by one of those monsters. I also found a bow and a quiver of arrows. I had a little experience with both from being with various families that liked both. Over the next few days, I picked off monsters with the bow and even killed a few monsters with the sword. On the last day, I saw a bright flash at the top of the Empire State building. I waited until everyone stopped fighting before I lowered my guard. I sneaked toward the building to try and find out what happened. The panicked people weren't easy to move through, but I managed. I stayed in the bushes as a girl got onto a horse with wings and flew off in a hurry. I watched others talking amongst each other and others carrying people on stretchers. As they all started to leave, I followed them. The vans they were using weren't hard to miss, and I followed them easily on a motorbike I found. I followed about 400 yards behind them until they stopped at a small place that looked like a summer camp. I made a shelter in the woods and hid the bike close by. In the morning, I will go and find answers at the camp.

Physical Appearance: I am 5' 11 and fairly thin. I dress in mostly dark colors with a couple rings on my fingers. The rings include a plain titanium, one with a piece of obsidian held in it and another with silver crossed arrows. I have longish hair pulled back in a pony tail and dark hair and eyes. My skin is fairly pale from staying inside or in the shade.

Personality: Mostly a loner. Get to know me and we can be close, but most don't seem to stay that long. I don't like loud or obnoxious people. The same goes for loud colors. I like most kinds of music and movies. I also love to irritate people sometimes. I have a contradicting personality. It depends on the situation and the people on how I would act. I am a deep thinker and at most times I over think.

Fatal Flaw: Getting too attached quickly to people that never stay in my life.

Pets: None

Talents: Harmonica, archery, tracking, and planning.

Weapons: Bow and arrow, swords are my favorite. Daggers and everything else works though.

Year round

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PostSubject: Re: Viktor_Adamson's Character   Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:19 am

check your pm's!
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PostSubject: Re: Viktor_Adamson's Character   Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:08 pm

happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: Viktor_Adamson's Character   

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Viktor_Adamson's Character
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