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 everybody's got a dark side || livolai

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PostSubject: everybody's got a dark side || livolai   Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:34 pm

Wham. Liv's sword sliced the air, dicing the training dummy in two. Fake blood spurred from the dummy, indicating that Liv had hit a major artery. This was a new addition to camp's technology, and Liv knew that Faye would not be pleased. If she even trained anymore. But Liv had long since learned that anger was a part of her and had stopped trying to repel it. The girl that sliced monsters to bits, the girl who became a coward in battle, that was Liv. She could hide it, she couldn't fight it, so she might as well embrace it. Especially not now, not with a war brimming.

Many people wouldn't call her a coward, and Liv knew she was brave to some degree. It took guts to run in front of monsters, to make a stab at someone. To be unwilling to control her fears, to be unable to put her life aside- that was cowardly. Liv had almost been able to forget what she had done- but she hadn't. She could never. The boy had become a constant companion - even if Liv had never known him. It's said that when you miss someone so much, you see their ghost everywhere. Liv felt like that, as if his ghost were following her, an old friend that had died young. Liv had built this boy around all of her regrets - he was her regrets. He was everything Liv had once loved, everything that Liv had lost.

Liv sliced another dummy, her sword flying. It felt good to fight all her anger out, and at least some good might come of it. Although at this point, Liv wasn't sure what counted as some good. She could at least defend the people she loved, but at what cost? Her humanity? No, that was long gone. Other lives? Liv used to think that wasn't a factor. Everything was in black and white to her- she was on the right side and they were the good guys, and those on the other side - the bad guys deserved to die. But it was more complicated now. Did anyone deserve to die, especially at the hands of another? Liv honestly didn't know.

As blood splattered across Liv's face, she glimpsed a blonde head staring at her. It was him. Liv turned slowly, fearfully. Was it another monster, another trap? But when Liv faced the figure standing to her right, it wasn't the boy at all. It was Nik. Liv quickly wiped the traces of blood from her face, lowering her sword. This was a side of her she didn't want Nik to see. The cold, ruthless, killer side of Liv. "Hi." Liv said shortly, feeling like a deer in the headlights.

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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PostSubject: Re: everybody's got a dark side || livolai   Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:07 pm

i'm a walking travesty
Nikolai normally did not want anything to do with fighting. He found it vulgar, intimidating, and just overall pointless. What couldn’t you solve over a nice game of pokémon while drinking hot chocolate and eating shortbread cookies? Probably a lot of things, but he pretended those things didn’t exist. Violence, to him, was never the answer. That philosophy was probably the reason why he got his ass kicked in battle all the time, whether it was against another camper or an actual monster. Thinking about battles made Nik touch his stomach, where there was a white line stretching far across his abdomen. That was a scar, a reminder of what happened to him on new years eve. He’d almost died, and in his girlfriends arms. Possibly if Nik had known better tactics and been in better health that wouldn’t have happened, but it did and he didn’t like to think about it. A lot of the things that happened in the past Nikolai liked to forget about. Like his time spent in the hospital because of his anorexia, or the bullies that had caused his illness. Currently, Nikolai was trying to forget about the reason why his legs were dragging him to the Arena, where he’d only been once or twice because of shorts spurts of motivation.

The cause? Livia Malcolm. Nikolai had seen her from a long distance hacking away at dummies, watching fake red blood get splurged all over her blonde hair and clothes. Sometimes he didn’t understand why she did these things. What the point of fighting a stationary object when your opponent was going to be moving all over the place trying to dodge your sword? Still, Nik guessed it was to relieve stress and anger than anything else. He understood that everybody had different was of relieving their stress levels. For instance, while Livia liked to kill fake people Nikolai liked to sit and read comic books in the attic of the big house. But that didn’t mean he had to like it, and he didn’t. Sometimes his girlfriend scared the living daylights out of him, even though Nik knew that she suffered from PTSD, and a lot of the things she did were a result from that. The both of them had some type of illness, and while hers was more mental his was more physical. But they didn’t really talk about it, seeing as it was also a sore spot for the both of them.

Being the nerdy, idiotic, but somewhat cute boyfriend that he was, Nikolai jogged over from his cabin to the arena, and when he arrived he was slightly winded. He still wasn’t at his physical peak yet, despite years of therapy and training. The wound he’d gotten all those months ago didn’t have a positive effect on him either. He registered that Livia looked shocked and a little scared when he approached, giving him a ‘hi’ as a greeting. While he focused on getting his breath back, Nik smiled at her. “That’s a nice sword you got there. Mind putting it down? Sharp, pointy, metal things are bad for my health because they could cut off my head."

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everybody's got a dark side || livolai
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