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 *this is not why I went here [battle, closed]

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PostSubject: *this is not why I went here [battle, closed]   Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:08 am

Deandre Nystrom

Dean was frustrated.

He wanted to be the closest to the sea as to get a close up view of the annual fireworks display. He tried to be as early as possible, but even though he left the cabin 30 minutes before 12 o'clock... He didn't make it.

He did, actually, but he was in a position he didn't like--at the back of the crowd.

Dean liked the fireworks. He couldn't understand how it worked, though. Magic was his conclusion, but when he learned that it was done by the Hephaestus campers without magic--guess it amazed Dean since he was alien to the subject. That, plus the fact it adds a wide assortment of colors to the usually dull night--Dean wanted to see it every time.

So he wedged himself between people, pushing them as inauspiciously as he could so he could get in the front. He kept muttering excuse me's as he forged on.

His dagger didn't help. Dean had this idea that he should keep his dagger all the time, but now he was getting annoyed of it. He's afraid he'd actually hurt others. He didn't take consideration of the sheath that covered his dagger. A sheathed dagger cannot exactly hurt someone. Dean had the urge to throw it, but of course it's just an errand thought. He didn't really mean it. Dean adjusted his dagger hanging on his on belt before continuing.

It was a cool night, but Dean was sweating with effort. He was within the crowd now, and these tall demigods blocked his view. He didn't know if he was close or not to the very shore. He wanted to be there as soon as possible. Fresh air and new year and fireworks were all in his mind right now.

Momentarily, Dean stopped moving and looked back. Man, he had inched farther than he thought. There's no turning back now.

But as he gazed at the peaceful night, he suddenly had this gut feeling he was familiar with. He felt this feeling in those two nights that disguised monster appeared.

A haunch told him that something's going to happen--something very bad.

Dean started forward again. He got nothing to worry about, right? This is camp, protected by magical borders that keep monsters out. He's perfectly safe here.

"Excuse me," he said, eyes on the ground as he attempted to pass between two campers, each he didn't who.

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PostSubject: Re: *this is not why I went here [battle, closed]   Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:35 pm

we'll be raising our hands
shining up to the sky

It was going to be midnight soon. She hadn't seen the fireworks on New Year's Eve. She usually just read, but she wanted to do something different this year. She had her hands in her pockets as she waited for the fireworks to some. She didn't have a person to kiss a midnight, but she didn't care. She just wanted to watch the fireworks.

She sighed and looked around. A crowd had already gathered. Why did there have to be so many people? She wished she knew someone here. Anna looked at her watch. "When are these damn fireworks starting?" She muttered under her breath. She looked around her again, already getting nervous. Hopefully, no one would talk to her. She had social issues. She wasn't very good to talking to people. That's why preferred books over people. Your usual daughter of Athena.

Anna looked up at the sky again, hoping for a blast of color before she lost her nerve and left to get back to the Athena cabin. She still remembered what they did Paris. It was practically the same exact thing, except Anna would be at the Eiffel Tower. She shook her head to get rid of the thoughts. She couldn't think sad thoughts right now. She couldn't think about home right now when she just got out of her cabin after the ZA. She started tapping her foot, when someone squeezed in between her and the person next to her. She immediately moved over to avoid talking to them. She took a quick glance at the person before returning back to the sky. Then she took looked at him again, recognizing him. "Dean?" She said, remembering his name. She had remembered meeting him a few nights ago when she was stargazing.

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*this is not why I went here [battle, closed]
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