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 please help me [cher]

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PostSubject: please help me [cher]   Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:41 pm

Landon Xavier West

Landon clutches to the post of a bed frame, resting his head against it. He shuts his eyes, and tries to regain his senses. Slowly, he untangles himself from the pole, and slowly makes his way to the wall. Leaning against the wall, Landon slowly navigates his way through the cabin, careful to make sure he does not fall. Every few seconds he has to stop, to rest. By the time he has gone ten feet, he is clutching his rib cage and breathing heavily. Not to mention blood is still dripping from his broken nose.

Gritting his teeth, Landon keeps on moving. If he can just make it to his bed room. Reaching the door to his bed room, he stumbles in and collapses on the floor. A puddle of blood soon surrounds him, and his head falls into the puddle. Looking around he realizes that he is not in his room, but in one of the girl's bedroom. However, he has no ability to lay up. So for now, he is going to lay there and hope that someone comes along to help him. If not, well he can certainly say if he could pick his place of death it would not be in a pool of blood on a cabin floor.

The sound of footsteps, make Landon more alert. His eyes widen, as he tries to see the person. Out of the corner of his eye he notices the girl standing in the door way. "Please, help me"he chokes out, his voice horse and raspy. He then passes out, his head hitting the floor.

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PostSubject: Re: please help me [cher]   Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:55 pm

Emily was returning back to her cabin from Archery practice, a bow in hand and her gloves in the other, and a quiver on her back. She let her combat boots tap against the floors of the Hera cabin as she made her way to her room. She was exhausted and sweaty from the rigorous exercise that she had endured that morning. The girl pushed her door open and found a boy lying in the middle of her room, blood staining his shirt and looking very much... Well, dead. Emily was shocked, to say the least, and she panicked internally before realizing that she was going to have to get him off the floor. Grudgingly, she dragged him onto her bed, effectively staining her newly imported sheets and covers with blood. The girl sighed. 

Emily debated whether to get a healer to come in, but she decided to look for some ambrosia to give the boy and to wait for him to regain consciousness before taking him to the infirmary. Upon finding she tried to figure out how she would feed it to him. Awkwardly, she fed him nectar, hoping that she wouldn't spill any of her precious supply. She really didn't like the infirmary. Emily decided that she would watch tv in her couch and wait for the boy to wake up later. She sat there, occasionally glancing over to see whether the boy had regained consciousness. 

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please help me [cher]
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