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 it finally ends here (character death)

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PostSubject: it finally ends here (character death)   Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:47 pm

Aaliyah Mallory Smith
Daughter of Hermes

Aaliyah was beat. Her hair which was originally blonde was now covered in demigod blood, zombie blood, mud, dirt, and anything else you could think of. Her skin was covered in cuts and bruises. On one of her arms she had a deep cut that bled out whenever it wanted to, but currently was wrapped in a bandage one of the Apollo kids had helped wrapped. Her sword was covered in zombie blood and dirt too. The sharp point was now starting to become dull. Her clothes were ripped and red from some of her blood. The worst thing of all, she was becoming weaker by the minute.

Her lungs were fighting for the air because she was weak. She hadn't been able to get any sleep without thinking of dying and the zombie horde. She cried every night wishing she was back home. She just wanted to be someone else for once. She wanted to know what it felt like to be a normal kid. What it felt like to not have to have to run away from the monsters. What it felt like to not be a demigod. What it felt like to go to a normal school and what it felt like to have normal friends. What it felt like to have a normal dad.

But now Aaliyah was fighting a zombie that wouldn't die yet. She slashed at the zombie wanting to cut off it's head. It quickly stepped to the side and blocked her swing. She kept swinging her sword, it getting heavier by the minute. She had manage to cut off one of the arms and put a deep cut on the left side of the head, but it still wouldn't go down. She swung again and it blocked again. "Go down already!" She muttered to herself.

Aaliyah kept trying to kill the zombie until she fell to the ground with her sword. It skittered across the ground, too far for her to reach. She struggled to get back to her feet and kill it with her hands or try to get her sword back to finally kill it. She managed to get up but stumbled. Just as she was reaching for her sword she felt a sharp pain lower in her. She looked down.

She knew what happened.

She fell back and managed to sit up and lean back a bit. She took the dagger out of her stomach with a tear coming out of her right eye and another sharp pain went through her. She ignored the pain as another tear went down her other eye. The dagger had dark red blood on it from her. If it was someone else's blood she would've felt sick, she did felt sick but a different kind of sick. She felt sick because she knew it was time. Today was going to be the day she died.

A boy rushed over to her. "Gods, I'm so so so sorry. I thought you were a zombie," He said to her over and over to her. His face was pale and she could that even he couldn't help her, she was going to die. Another tear went down her cheek as the boy tried to get nectar and ambrosia out of his pack. She looked at the zombie she was trying to kill before. It's head was knocked off. She couldn't hear anything anymore. She couldn't hear the boy apologizing anymore. More tear went down her face.

She had dreamed that if she was going to die it would've been after she had a husband. After she had kids. After she had done what she wanted to accomplish in life. She dreamed she was going to die with her mother and possibly Hermes there with her kids. She didn't have a chance to say good bye to anyone. She had dreamed that she would have a smile one her face after sobbing. She was crying definitely, but she couldn't smile. She didn't want to seem that she was happy that she was dying. She was happy that she was dying while defending camp. She was dying to help protect her home.

More tears streamed down her face as words from a song she had remembered were repeating her head.

No matter what we breed,
We are still made of greed,
This is my kingdom come,
This is my kingdom come,

She wondered. Did she actually believe in Heaven? She hoped it was real. She wanted it to be  a field full of flowers from roses to daffodils to orchids. She wanted to play with kids her age and have died the same way she did. She didn't want to hurt anymore.

Then Aaliyah took her last breath. It's over now, you've died fighting for camp and that's all that matters, She thought. She quickly forced a sad smile on her face and closed her eyes. A tear streamed down cheek, cleaning all the dirt and mud in it's path.

Then it was all over.

The boy out a cloth under her head and put a bed sheet over body that had nothing. No fear anymore. No tears anymore. Not her happy soul anymore.

I must say Aaliyah was pretty good character. She was my second character I think. This was really hard for me to write because she barely lived her life. She didn't have a boyfriend or anything. She didn't really have friends when she was active so I made her inactive. But anyway, good bye Aaliyah. You were good character and you've died fighting for camp and made you the hero you are. I will never forget you Aaliyah~
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it finally ends here (character death)
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