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 Raven Andrasti Kaosu[Done]

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PostSubject: Raven Andrasti Kaosu[Done]   Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:22 pm

Name: Raven Andrasti Kaosu
Age/Birthday: 16
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hecate
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Iris Baelif Kaosu[Demi-God Sister], Vyren Urosie Kaosu[Father], Rai Tetryx Kaosu[Demi-God Brother]--all deceased except for Rai
Years in Camp: 13, her older sister and her father died trying to get Rai and Raven to the camp once they started emitting Mana and showing magical capabilities
Brief History: Born into a wealthy family that made its name in science she was groomed for life as a scientist by the time she could walk and talk though this grooming quickly ended as she was soon shuffled off to Camp Half-Blood. She was shuffled off with her brother Rai due to them showing magical capabilities at an age younger than they were supposed to, particularly disturbing ones that included attracting anything and everything that wished to eat them. In their attempt to get Rai and Raven to Camp Half-Blood her sister Iris and Father Vyren died fighting off a monster, Vyren was capable of seeing through the mist and as such could at least help distract the monster while Iris got the two into the Camp; right before Iris and her siblings got past the barrier their father died and Iris literally pushed her brother and sister through the barrier turning around to face the beast herself, she also died never knowing what the beast was that came to haunt her family for 3 years until it finally decided to kill them all. It may have even been Raven's fault that this happened, she may have unknowingly conjured something but we will never know; either way, she spent the next 13 years at Camp with her brother training in the magical arts; her brother took up white magic while she took of dark magic, also known as The White Arts and The Dark Arts; the White Arts focused on positive things not focusing on defense or offense while the Dark Arts was addicting to Raven and caused her to stay up until the morning studying it and reading spells, it focused on negative things and was far stronger than The White Arts in the offensive aspect though it was also useful for defense. While Rai's social life flourished Raven's suffered and she didn't make any friends, she was an outcast and this molded her to be something that she always wanted, something dark.
Physical Appearance: Raven Andrasti Kaosu wears a skimpy black and white outfit, with black and white high-heeled platforms. Sometimes she wears a trench coat or tight, black jeans[she usually has the tight-black jeans on]. She has a black-pearl and Ivory staff on her back, she also has two black-pearl handled, obsidian bladed daggers on her hips as well, each seeming stronger than they should be. Her black, tight denim jeans fit her slim figure nicely and empathize on her lean, lithe figure. She has pale skin, crimson red eyes and raven-black hair which make for an unique and stunning combination; these features may be common in her family but are not elsewhere and if mixed with her black and white high-heeled platforms, tight black jeans and the shirt she always seems to wear it makes her all the more beautiful. She seems to walk with a feline like grace, a unending confidence and the fire of will in her eyes. It is evident she is dangerous as she walks, as if she is always ready to strike. It is also very obvious she is a well trained martial artists. Her pale skin and crimson red eyes compliment each other as well as her very sensual and sexual figure. Her skimpy black and white upper outfit go well with the rest of her clothing. She has thin, black eyebrows and black eyelashes that are thick but not too thick and go well with her face, accenting her whole outfit and overall look good, not on the level of an Aphrodite child's Beauty Emporia but close[by close she would mean not as insane looking for the kookier ones].

Despite her beauty there is this off feeling you get from her, the feeling of utter darkness which is only enhanced by the thin scar going directly down her right eye from her eyebrow to the bottom of her cheek; this scar has healed well but you can see the damage it has done to her sight, the use of her right eye is bar none though that issue is taken care of with sensory magic but her pupil and some of the red of her right eye have turned white as a result of that cut meaning it most likely came from a magical source.
Personality: Intelligent, manipulative, cunning, secretive, logical, ruthless; these are the six things that describe Raven Kaosu. She is intelligent because of her extensive education, the fact she absorbs new information quicker than most people[she has an eidetic memory] and because she is a prodigy/genius. She is manipulative because she is an expert in how people work, she almost always gets what she wants. She is cunning due to her intelligence and manipulation skills, always getting what she wants, always a step ahead, always the ultimate rival for someone. She is secretive because she has gone so far to hide her skill, because of her intelligence, manipulative skills and cunning, she is a good keeper of secrets and always has more than you would think.

She is logical because she is an expert at controlling herself and her emotions, her intelligence almost always comes first, her manipulative skills help it her with interacting with people and sometimes even 'feeling'[she is so far gone down the dark road she manipulates herself into thinking she loves someone or trusts someone or is even their friend until she actually believes it, and is torn when the time comes to abandon them but someday she might keep them as a friend, though this isn't always how it goes], her secretive style helps her with the inner emotional turmoil she goes through periodically[though these events are very few and incredibly far in between] and her cunning helps her figure out different logical approaches to various types of situations. She is ruthless because she always knows she has to get the job done, no matter the cost even if it causes her emotional harm[though there may be a point in time when she shows mercy]; her intelligence helps her navigate through ways to finish her job and get through tough situations, her manipulation skills help her get through situations as well and even manipulate herself into following the best path for herself/her career, her cunning helps her get out of situations and navigate though various ways to manipulate people, her secretive personality helps her act like it didn't happen and her logic helps her follow the most logical path and ways to get through a situation.

This is what makes Raven Kaosu, well, Raven Kaosu; despite her flaws and holes in her personality she is very strong and full of will though it breaks her like glass at sometimes, this is also what gave her the name 'Shard' a name that seems to tell you who she is as soon as you look at her, the Shattered One. This is Raven Kaosu, these are the fundamental, intertwining, poetic elements that make her who she is, that make up her personality, that tell you how she is going to act, that make her unique and unlike any other, she is Shatter, the broken girl...[She has Asperger's, OCD, borderline multiple personality disorder, she is sociopathic and has more than slight apathy for the world around her meaning she could care less what happened to Rai or any other Demigod unless is directly concerned her.]
Fatal Flaw: Ego
Pets: None
Talents: Master of the Dark Arts, capable of using other types of magic though not to the same level[she is a low-tier magic user with the others]. Capable of remembering everything she experiences[Eidetic memory] which is immune to the likes of magic and other effects, this is useful to learning spells quickly. Capable of generating, manipulating and absorbing Mana[Magic energy, essentially] which at times will interfere with the spells of others or even her own spells.
Weapons: A magical staff made out of ivory and black-pearl, that is pure black and can be used to turn the dead into her minions, it is also capable of transforming and returns to her in wand form when it is away from her. Her staff also is capable of absorbing Mana and helping her control it better/focusing her magic. Overall it is a support weapon.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round, she was deemed too dangerous to be let loose in the mortal world
Other: She is ridiculously insane[she hides it well, though], don't cross her.

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PostSubject: Re: Raven Andrasti Kaosu[Done]   Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:32 am

Please check your PMs.
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PostSubject: Re: Raven Andrasti Kaosu[Done]   Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:47 am

Note, I added a weakness to her Mana Manipulation.

Edit: I also edited out the part about her being a Noble, if this was medieval times she would have been but it isn't so she isn't.(Yes, I know, double negatives)

Edit: I edited her appearance to have a fault that doubles as a physical weakness.

Edit: I now have edited out the part of her Talents which said she can mimic things.
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PostSubject: Re: Raven Andrasti Kaosu[Done]   

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Raven Andrasti Kaosu[Done]
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