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 potterheads [private]

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PostSubject: potterheads [private]   Sat May 11, 2013 5:55 pm

faye lynn mcjean

Faye shut the door of her blue-blinded book, her face vacant of any expression. After reading through the Harry Potter series for the third time, and all of the moments still came at her at full speed like dangerous weapons, even though she knew the whole plot by heart. The demigod slid the book down to the floor as she reclined on the sofa, crossing her arms with a loss of words.

It was the same feeling as always, 'Why did J.K. Rowling want to rip out my heart, stitch it back up, then shred it, and glue it again? The question was almost always asked at the end of every book, this time with the death of Sirius. Faye knew why he had to die, it made sense, symbolizing how Harry was ripped from his childhood.

Faye sighed again, shifting her position before letting out a tortured moan. Wouldn't it have been so much nicer if Sirius lived, even if it was only for a little longer? Then with Dumbledore dying, it was just tearing at her mind. Running a hand through her dark hair, the Athena girl tightened her grip on the edge of the sofa.

"I think Sirius seriously wrecked my day," she muttered, pursing her lips.
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PostSubject: Re: potterheads [private]   Sat May 11, 2013 7:28 pm

(Bugger, I don't have a layout for Carter :( I feel old fashioned. Oh well…)

Carter threw the heavy book to the corner of the room, letting out a sigh, trying to control her emotions. Then she quickly got up and ran to where she threw the book. She bent down and picked it up, dusting the cover off.

"Oh gods, what have I done? I can't throw a book of such awesomeness!" She cried, hugging the olive green book to her chest. Then again, the queen did kill Dumbledore, so she had a right to be upset. Dumbledore was her favorite character. So wise and quiet, not unlike Carter herself. She silently sobbed. Then she heard a girl say something. Something about Harry Potter. Something about her 2nd favorite character, Sirius.

"Tell me about it." Said carter, pulling her self together and wiping the tears from her eyes. "Dumbledore just Avada Kadveraed my heart into a million shards."

(:/ sorry this is so short. I did this on my phone, so I apologize. I promise most are longer!)

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potterheads [private]
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