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 i'm so tired of this

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PostSubject: i'm so tired of this   Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:23 pm

* just want to give up

Calleigh stared at the letter in her hands, scrutinizing it. They had rejected her. She muttered a string of curse words, and face planted into her bed. She felt like giving up, what was the point if she would be second in everything? What was the point in trying if she was never going to be the best at anything? No matter how much she cared and no matter how hard she tried, she would always be second choice. She would always be overshadowed by someone who was better than she was. From track to dance to English, she would always be the one forced to take the backseat.

She was tired of not having what she worked hard for, and as much as she doesn't like to admit it, she was obsessive over winning. But that didn't stop her. She wanted to prove to her twin brother- the brother that she was overshadowed by from the first day - that she was better than him and that she could achieve much more than he could even though he was older. Even though he was more popular and more sucessful. That he had more flaws and fears than she would ever have or have to worry about. She wanted to step all over him for appearing better than she was. She would make him regret being better than her.

She snapped out of her line of thought. Something deep inside her told her that whatever she could do, he could do better. And those thoughts gave her a drive to be better than others. She would always raise her bar higher than her brother. She would always be one step ahead of him. Calleigh laid there, trying to process her line of thought. "My dear... where did I go wrong? You are so destructive nowadays. I miss the real you." Whispered a voice into her ear. She covered her ears, but it didn't go away. The voice amplified. "I made you this way, dear. So that you would always be my favourite. So that you would stay with me... How terrible that has gone. How terrible." it cooed hauntingly.

"S-Stop" cried Calleigh, in an attempt to stop the voice.
"I missed you, Cassandra. You must come back to me. You simply must. I will hold you in my arms and you will be mine. My precious little one. But how can I accept you like this? You are too destructive. Too dangerous. It would be like burning down my own home. I am sorry, Cassandra. I am sorry. So sorry... Sorry..." it echoed in her head.

Calleigh's body felt like it was on fire as she let out cries of frustration and pain. She felt her chest become heavy and she fell into an empty sleep.

ooc: I had the inspiration to write a character. :D
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i'm so tired of this
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