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 dissonant sounds

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PostSubject: dissonant sounds    Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:24 pm

Cedric Riley Conrad

Cedric had been confined to his room all day long, which wasn’t something he liked particularly much being the extrovert he was. Cedric had been laying there all day, trying to figure out what it was that was so bad about getting suspended from school. It wasn’t like he’d done anything that horrible and malevolent. All he’d done was played a prank on a Garden Club symposium. Well, a prank that had gone completely wrong and had been the antithesis of what he’d wanted to happen. All he wanted was for the Garden Club to get extremely annoyed, but he had ended up accidentally burning down a few plants and a greenhouse. Cedric smiled to himself, rolling his bedsheet between his thumb and forefinger. In his defense, it’d been a good time. He twisted to the side, facing his window. Through the unequivocal glass he could the ocean, blue and beautiful. The waves crashed lightly on the soft, white sand taunting him to come and play. Cedric’s mouth practically watered. He really did love the ocean.

Cedric turned away from the window in sadness. If he couldn’t go outside, he didn’t want to look at it. Distantly, the boy could hear the dissonant sounds of his mother and her friends attempting to sing. Cedric let out a delicate snort. His mother could try and sing all she wanted but she’d never be good at all. However, usually when she sang, she was drunk so maybe she wouldn’t notice if he snuck out… Cedric looked at the window with an introspective gaze. He could probably get out there if he acted nonchalantly. The boy hopped up from his spot on the bed and padded over to his door, the floorboards squeaked and squawked extra loudly. Cedric cringed. God, he was going to get caught, he just knew it. Quickly, he smoothed over his face and continued downstairs, pushing the premonition of getting caught out of his head.

Turning the corner of the hallway, Cedric glanced into the kitchen. His mother was bent over the table, holding something over her wrist. Her friends were sitting next to her, watching her intensely. Cedric squinted, moving closer so he could see. She looked like she was... Cedric's face fell. It was an intravenous injection. Heroin, most likely. Cedric sighed softly. His mother was such a loser sometimes. He turned away, sliding out the backdoor without a sound. God, why was she so stupid? Did he have to hide her money from that woman? Cedric shook his head angrily. Nearly slamming the gate to the driveway, Cedric dashed out onto the boardwalk by the beach. The evening sun was going down in the distance and the shops were beginning to close down in preparations for their big, semiannual sales in the morning. His mother would most likely show up to that high and get herself and her triad taken down to the station. Well, it was her life and if she wanted to mess it up, that was her choice. Usually, if Cedric caught her high, she’d try a subterfuge to avoid getting in trouble, but he felt like this time was going to be different.

Cedric padded along the boardwalk with his hands shoved into his pockets and his hood up over his head. For once couldn’t he not be a misfit and just be a normal, boy? Cedric let out a sigh and his gaze flickered back to the ocean again. He only ever felt normal and calm when he was in the sea; his life just felt complete. He remembered a time when he was younger, when he had tried to make a bilateral agreement with himself. He’d try not to talk about the power rangers every second of the day, but still maintain his Power Rangers clothing in order to attempt to not be the weird kid anymore. Of course, the agreement hadn’t lasted. Cedric just ended up giving up and falling in love with some other show. Thinking back on it at that moment, he couldn’t even remember what show it was. Cedric smiled to himself, thinking of his childhood. Easier times. Less stress.

Cedric jogged over to the end of the boardwalk and jumped off the ledge, hitting the soft sand easily. He padded across the sand and flipped his hood down, squinting in the orange light coming off the sunset. He could see the waves crashing against the shore with a force and all he could think about was getting into that ocean and just going under. Slightly ironic and morbid, he thought, that the ocean was like his own drug while his mother’s was heroin. Cedric let out an amused noise at the thought of that. He didn’t even want to think about his mother’s addiction right now. This was his time to waste. His time to be alone, finally. Finally nearing the shore, Cedric ditched his shirt and tossed it onto the ground with a calm look on his face. He stepped into the surf and relished the water splashing up his legs, the smell of the ocean dancing in the air. God, this was truly his favorite place in the world.

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dissonant sounds
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