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 home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!

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Essie Bear

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PostSubject: home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!   Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:13 pm

Cameron Bueller

Age/Birthday: Seventeen, May 27
Gender: Male
God Parent: Dionysus
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Amelia Bueller (mother)
Years in Camp: 5

Brief History: On May 27, seventeen years ago, Cameron Bueller was born to his mother, Amelia Bueller. Dionysus wasn't there for his son's birth, seeing as he had left as soon as the couple had found out. Right before he left, Dionysus told Amelia about him being a god, but she never believed him, and just said that he was in denial and that he had to leave. Two years later, Amelia and Cameron were kicked out of their small apartment. Amelia quickly retreated to her mother's house and had a place to stay for two months. The two months quickly turned into two more years as Amelia struggled to find a job to get their apartment.

Cameron started going to school a year after they started living in his grandmother’s home, and once he started, the teachers picked up on his dyslexia, and had a hard time dealing with the overly hyper five year old. Cameron was constantly in trouble for things that he never did, the other kids teased him, it wasn’t until maybe six months later that Ms. Bueller started homeschooling Cameron, on top of her job and taking care of her mother, who was now constantly sick.

When Cameron turned 7, his mother decided to put him in something to try and get all of his energy out. She gave Cameron the choice between a sport and dancing, and Cameron chose dance. He started in ballet for a year before the teachers started noticing his talent. Cam was an excellent dancer for his age and experience; he quickly picked up on everything, so the dance school tried to move him up. Until he was 11, everything was fine in his family. Then, his grandmother died at t he ripe age of 78. Once she died, the leftover money and her house was given to Amelia. Amelia put her son back into regular school for the start of middle school.

Throughout school, Cameron was teased for dancing, and not being a jock, as well as having dyslexia and ADHD. A week later, some kids decided that it would be fun to pretend like they were friends with Cameron and he let his walls down and told his mini story. They even had some of the cutest girls in the school pretend that she liked him. When he found out about this, he was crushed. He had been lied to; Cameron wasn’t going to let anybody else to that to him. He began to dance more and more as a way of expressing himself, he was becoming extraordinary at dance, but no one knew how good he actually was, not even his mom, and he even began holding back from his teachers, not wanting extra attention.

A couple of months after his eighth grade year in school began, little accidents that happened at his old schools starting happening on bigger scales. He accidentally knocked over a few things in the chemistry lab and a ‘little’ explosion occurred, along with him starting to get into fights with the other children. His mom became angry with him, unaware that he was a demi-god. His only and best friend at the time, Riley told his mother about it, it turns out that Riley was his satyr. When his mom found out about what he was, she instantly told him to go to the camp, not wanting him to end up putting himself in danger, except she hasn't talked to him since he left that day, making him feel like she just wanted him gone.

Within the first two years of being at the camp he realized that a few drinks here and soon ended up relying on it when he was mad, he knows it's not healthy, but he can't get the incentive to stop.

Physical Appearance: Cameron is a typical teenage boy, in just about every way you could expect. He has medium length, curly, dark brown hair that he never messes with. Cameron has chocolate brown eyes with little spots of green in them, and has slightly tanned skin from living in the Texas. He stands just shy of six feet, 5'11". He often runs his hands through his hair, giving it a slightly messed up look a lot of the time.

Cameron usually wears a jacket, some jeans and a tee-shirt. He's not one to dress up very nicely all the time, he will if it fits the occasion, Cam isn't the kind of guy who despises dressing up, but he also doesn't enjoy it either. No matter what, he'll probably wear his tennis shoes, that's something that Cameron can't get enough of. He's as obsessed with tennis shoes as a girl is with any type of shoes or shopping.

Cameron carries himself with not a very low view of himself, but many people have yelled at him and told him rather rude things, so he doesn't think very highly of himself.

Personality: Cameron’s one of those guys that, even though he’s not, most people tend to think he’s gay. He hangs out mostly with girls, because they seem to bring less fights and idiocy than boys do, even his mom thought he was rooting for the guys for a while. He’s a very sweet, caring guy to everyone unless they’re mean to him. If someone ends up being rude to Cam, all hell breaks loose, he doesn’t’ deal with criticism very well, which is why he doesn’t like showing off any of his talents in front of people.

Cameron is a giant ball of energy, on top of his ADHD, he’s always hyper no matter what he does, it’s hard to get a true smile from him though, no matter how happy he looks. Cam is actually a time bomb, just waiting to be set off. Because of what happened between him and his mom, he tends to push people away.

Cameron’s definitely had his share of girlfriends, and he has a tendency to break things off after anything more than three weeks, just because he’s scared of things becoming serious.

Besides the bad parts of Cameron, he’s sweet, caring—if he wants to be—to people, a charmer, rational, mostly quiet, and –in his mind—an all around good guy.

Fatal Flaw: Has a really bad temper if you end up setting it off, he doesn’t talk much, and Cam is very shielded, he doesn’t like talking about his home life, or any time before he was at Camp Half-Blood, he pushes people who get too close away, for fear of loosing them.

Talents: He can control the growth of grapevines, but not for long, and not extremely well.
Weapons: Only a sword and dagger, it’s a two in one thing, he has a pocket knife that was enchanted so when he speaks the ancient Greek word for grow, the small knife turns into his sword.
Year-Round or Summer: Year Round
Other: He has a tendency to punch anything near him when he’s angry.

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Essie Bear

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PostSubject: Re: home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!   Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:43 pm

Genevieve Mariah Castle
17 years old, born on December 12th
Daughter of Apollo:God of Music and Sun
Daughter of Belle Castle: Self Hired Artist, 34 years old
Five year in Camp Half-Blood

Genevieve was born in Earlham, Indiana. Earlham is a little less than an hour away from Indianapolis. Gen's mother, Belle became pregnant with Genevieve at the ripe age of 17, she dropped out of school after learning about little Gen, and Apollo stayed for one week, explaining everything only two hours before he left. Belle hardly believed the god after he left, but moved away from California anyway. She moved to Earlham, where she had Genevieve Mariah Castle on December 12th. From the time between her birth until she was five, nothing exceptional occurred in Gen's life, she was put in kindergarten at the age of six. Growing up with a younger than average mom really paid it's toll throughout her life, Belle Castle barely paid any attention to Gen, because she was trying to keep the three jobs she had that had to support the two. To pass the time at the diner in the town when her mom worked late, Gen would play by the jukebox, and all the older women would coo Genevieve when she sang to a tune happily, like any seven-year-old might. By the time Gen was ten, she had a broad band of music that she listened to. She began to experiment on her own with music, her mother noticed and bought her guitar lessons, then using Gen as another way to make money. This went on for two years before Gen stopped playing in front of people. She won't tell people why she stopped, though most people suspect that it had something to do with severe bullying at her school. One month after Gen turned twelve, Belle was given a dream from Apollo, once again explaining about how Genevieve was a demi-god. For some strange reason, Belle believed the god this time. In the middle of the night, Belle brought Genevieve to the camp and left her there. Gen hasn't seen or spoken to her mother since.

In Genevieve's opinion, she looks average; to others she can sometimes look like the girl that would like to make you hold a match um to your eyes and stab them repeatedly, or like the rebel without a cause. Gen usually gets hand-me-downs from people, or if she does buy money, it's for things like headphones or anything that includes music. She doesn't really care about how she looks. Usually she'll just throw on whatever, but is one of those people where it still looks weird, but people dismiss it because she has this quality about her. Her hair is usually down in its natural, extremely wavy/lightly curled state. She has blue almond shaped eyes. Her eyebrows are arched and not plucked thin; they look normal, not over-plucked, and not under-plucked. She stands at an average height of 5’7” for her age. Gen’s not over weight, but she’s almost not heavy enough. She’s not anorexic or bulimic, though many people see her as that. Genevieve is usually seen wearing a tank top with some kind of a jacket or hoodie over in the fall and winter paired with jeans. In the summer, she can be seen wearing shorts and a muscle shirt. She has a nose piercing, but no more. In addition, she has a small tattoo on her right forearm of some music notes and a star mixed. Gen doesn’t wear heels, and rarely dresses up unless it’s necessary. Gen never leaves to go anywhere without her iPod and some headphones, so she constantly had dj styled headphones around her neck and her iPod in her pocket.

Genevieve can be either a distant brat or a bubbling ball of energy depending on if she likes you or not. If she likes you, she’ll let her wall come down and show you her hyper, energetic, bubbly, sweet personality. If she doesn’t care for you, she’ll push you away and keeps distant, and can appear to be a brat, even though she’s not trying to be. Genevieve has a tendency to be hyper in the morning and remain that way for a long time. Sometimes you can even catch her bouncing lightly in her seat. Most people don’t get to see her bubblier, happier side, as she has a bigger likeliness of pushing people away than letting them in, thanks to her mother. She won’t ever play any of her music for you unless she really trusts you, because of the bullies she had in school. She holds a façade where she has people believe that she doesn’t care what they think about her, but on the inside, one small hurtful comment can make her break down. She’s fragile in that sense, but she has a rough shell that you need to be able to break to see it. She wouldn’t have many friends, because she doesn’t give out her trust out to anybody. Gen is the type of girl that won’t stop doing something until she gets it right, which is why she doesn’t stop playing music for a long time, unless someone were to walk in on her playing guitar or piano.

Genevieve has no pets; her weapons of choice are throwing knives, which transform from a guitar picks from a necklace; and her play-by is Anna Kendrick.

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Essie Bear

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PostSubject: Re: home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!   Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:45 pm

Character 3
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Sardonic Twin

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PostSubject: Re: home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!   Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:53 pm

* accepted!
-----------Nice character! There's just a small typo (mothers instead of months) in the history section but besides that, it's all good :)
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Essie Bear

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PostSubject: Re: home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!   Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:13 pm

New Charrie up!
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Elite Writer

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PostSubject: Re: home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!   Thu Jul 25, 2013 12:56 pm

genevieve castle

(i was just browsing through characters and didn't know if she was accepted yet)
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PostSubject: Re: home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!   

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home to the mentally brilliant [Essie's Characters] New Character Up!
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