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 Permitted Curse Words

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PostSubject: Permitted Curse Words   Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:25 am

This site has a rating of PG. Because of that, and for the sake of some of our younger members, we have a certain amount of vulgar words banned from use in the chatbox or posting in the forums. We understand that some of you are older and you use a variety of curse words in daily life and think nothing of it. However, we want to keep this site clean and appropriate. We want it to be a site that parents would approve of. (Other than the talking to strangers bit.)
Below are two lists, one of allowed words, and one of banned words. If a word is on the allowed list, you may use it in the chatbox and in posting freely. Yes, some of those are not swear words. Some of them aren't even words. However, a few are alternatives to more vulgar words, and we wanted to list everything that was allowed to avoid confusion.
Below that are the banned words. We have pointed out a few key ones, but kept the particularly vulgar ones vague. The ones that are specifically listed are words that were once allowed on the site, but are now banned. If caught using these words, warnings and punishment will be given out. Please refrain from using any words on the banned words list at any point in time.
If a word is not listed in the "Allowed Words" section, it is not allowed. If you are still confused if a word is allowed to be said or not, please do not post about it in the chatbox. If you must ask, please PM an admin or mod.

Allowed Words
We understand not all of these are curse words,
but we wanted to list everything.

• Hell
• Damn
• Ass
• Piss
• Heck
• Dang
• Darn
• Crap
• Bish
• Frick/Fricking
• Bull
• Floozy
• Boobs
• Ratchet
• Shit

Banned Words

We understand some these words were once allowed.
However, due to excessive use and new rules they are banned.

• Tits
• Penis
• Vagina
• Whore
• Hoe
• Slut
• Skank
• Cock
• Douche
• d**k
• Horny
• All other vulgar/swear words not listed
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Permitted Curse Words
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