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 Auqualia's Amazing Charecters

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PostSubject: Auqualia's Amazing Charecters    Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:49 pm

Waiting To Be Approved

Name: Aydenn Storrs
Age/Birthday: 15, June 23
Gender: Male
God Parent: Demeter
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Valarie Storrs (Mother), Nathan Storrs (Father), Katie Storrs (Sister), Nasho Storrs (Brother)
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Aydenn was always quiet, ever since he was a little kid. He was the only adopted one in his family, and often felt as if he was different from them. He was raised in a blonde, and strict Christian family that looked down on other religions. He knew from the age of six that he wasn't like them. He was always attracted to the forest, and was often caught meditating at midnight in a clearing. He often heard his name being called, even though no one was there by a very feminine voice. He never told any one about this. At age twelve, he had to do a project on a religion and he was given Wiccan. As he read up on the religion, everything started clicking into place. He decided he was Wiccan, and he started his journy to make peace with his inner self. On his thirteenth birthday, he recieved a letter explaining where he came from. His parents sent him here, because they felt he was too weird to stay in their household. Now free to go deeper in the religion, he has created a little magick place of his in a forest, just for him, and has lived here since.
Physical Appearance: He has long black hair that falls into a light brown eyes. He has nice full red lips, and a clear complexion, even though he has a long scar crossing from his right eye to his nose from a spell gone wrong. He is tall and skinny, with a long slender body. His ribs poke out slightly, but he wears a tight dark green shirt any way. He wears tan cargo pants, where he carries around his poket knife and some rope. He has long and careful fingers, that are always moving in some way.
Personality: He is shy and quiet, but very smart. He is typicaly nice, but snaps easily, and when he snaps, it is hard to stop him. If your a girl that catches his eye, he is a true romantic that will treat you nice, even though he finds it hard to get close to people. He usualy walkes alone in the woods, humming a soft tune, or singing quietly. Even though he says he doesn't want a girl, he secretly longs for a quiet, but funny girl he can treat nice and take for long walks in the woods. He is secretky very lonely, but is too afraid to make friends.
Fatal Flaw: He doesn't trust easily, so he much rather be alone, which means that if he gets into trouble, he's on his own to solve it. Also, he gets angered easily, and goes into a blind rage.
Pets: He has a small garden snake, not too big that he can't fit it in his right pocket, but not too small that it can't curl around his neck safely.
Talents: He works wonder with plants, and speaking to animals. He has careful hands, so he can often to delecate decoritive work, and plant plants in very specific areas.
Weapons: He has a small switch blade pocket knofe that he keeps in his pants to protect himself if he is attacked by a dangerous animal.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: Once you get to know him, he is an amazing and extreamly loyal friend.

Name: Jaykawb Ryderr
Age/Birthday: 17, July 5
Gender: Male
God Parent: Dionysus
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: None
Years in Camp: 8
Brief History: When he was three years old, his adopted parents and family died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. He never really missed them, because he was too young to remember them. Because he had no other family, he moved in with his aunt, who abused him. Finaly, he grew tired of it, and at age eight, he ran away. An old man who was a demi-god himself, took him in. It was soon realised that the little boy was a demi-god too, so the old man sent him here at age nine. He has been here ever since.
Physical Appearance: He has short, spiky black hair that he uses gel to keep at a perfect spike. He has deep blue eyes, that are sort of enticing if you look at them too long. He is short for his age, but has muscular arms. He is covered in scars from his aunt's abuse, but he claims they are from battles and sports. He isn't skinny, nor fat, but perfectly in the middle.
Personality: He is some what of a party animal and a rebel. A tad on the sarcastic side, he likes to take every thing as a joke. How ever, he is fiercly protective of those he cares about, and goes to extensive lengths to please them. However, he has horrible mood swings, going from happy to sad in a matter of seconds. He is a good person to be close to, because he loves to have fun, but at the same time the friendship is usualy not stable due to his mood swings.
Fatal Flaw: He trusts easily sometimes, doesn't take anything seriously, and has major mood swings.
Pets: None
Talents: He is strong with comedy, and making people laugh. He also knows how to throw an epic party.
Weapons: None
Year-Round or Summer: Year Round
Other: If you want to sneak out with someone, he is the one to go to.

Name: Lyndzee Vorr
Age/Birthday: 17, September 20
Gender: Female
God Parent: Athena
Claimed: NoMortal Family: Katreena Vorr (Mother), Patrik Vorr (Father)
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Lyndzee doesn't remember much of her history, because she was sick for most of her life with a sickness that effected her brain. However, when she was thirteen, it went away. It began to show how smart she was, when she caught up in class, and even passed her classes in school. Her father, Patrik, knew it was time to send her to Camp Half Blood, and so at age 15, she was dropped off.
Physical Appearance: She has long brown hair, that is always in a pony tail. She leaves bangs hanging down to frame her face. She almost never wears make up, because her father always said her fair complexion and her greenish brown eyes was enough. She is really short, and not strong at all. She is of medium weight, and looks epic in short skirts.Personality: She is bubbly and cheerful, however shy. She doesn't flirt a lot, unless she really likes a boy. She is obviously smart, so she some times gets herself into trouble by arguing with those in charge of her. She is willing to try stuff, but sometimes she just likes to chill.
Fatal Flaw: She argues too much with those in charge of her.
Pets: A pet rock that changes names constently.
Talents: Her smarts.
Weapons: Her mind
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: Really wants a guy that will treat her right, and is romantic.

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PostSubject: Re: Auqualia's Amazing Charecters    Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Auqualia's Amazing Charecters    Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:48 pm

* accepted,
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PostSubject: Re: Auqualia's Amazing Charecters    Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:36 pm

Lyndzee Vorr is Accepted!
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PostSubject: Re: Auqualia's Amazing Charecters    

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Auqualia's Amazing Charecters
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