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 Jackdaniel0's characters

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PostSubject: Jackdaniel0's characters   Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:24 pm

Name: Poke Ragnor
Age/Birthday:13/May 2nd
God Parent: Aeolus
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: Mom:Gina Jun Dad: Brian Ragnor
Years in Camp:0(He's new, if that's allowed)
Brief History: Poke has lived a pretty harsh life. Up from kindergarden to 7th grade, he's been like an 'outcast' to the classes. Not one teacher or any of his family noticed, so he had to adapt to the harsh environment. He claims that he was born with his non-gloomy personality, not because of what he had to go through.
At the age of 13, he was attacked by a hellhound when he was traveling in the woods. Luckily, his parents were nearby, and managed to take care of the problem. He asked what it was, and seeing that there was no other way, they told him the truth. He didn't believe it at first, but was convinced after they showed him proof; his powers. He hopes to make lots of friends at Camp Half-Blood, after he told his parents the harsh part of his life. He has been told that the camp has many 'weirdos' like him, so he hopes to be able to have fun there.
Physical Appearance: Poke wears black shoes with a white rim and nose(front part). He wears a red T-Shirt with a black zipper coat with a hood, along with dark blue jeans. His most noticable piece of clothing is his awkward batman-styled cape without the symbol on it. He finds it expendable, since he can just make more.
Poke is skinny, and is peach-colored. His hair is average sized, covering from the top of his forehead to the sides of just above his ears and down to the back of the top of his neck. He has blue irises, with asian-style eyes(they're small, basically, no racism intended).
Personality: Poke is very strange. He is probably the most random and non-gloomiest person you will ever meet. He's ready to blurt out with random sentences like 'What in the name of graceful salad!' Beneath all this randomness, he's really a caring guy. He's willing to help anyone no matter the cost...most of the time. So he's a kind of trade-off. Bear with his insanity, and you got yourself a protective friend.
Fatal Flaw:Talkative
Pets:A snow owl called many nicknames, but mostly called 'Snow'
Talents:Able to tell the direction of the next rush of wind. He rarely gets it wrong. And he can jump remarkably high(About 2 stories)
Weapons:He is able to control the wind, to an extent. He can't go above forming a 5-story tall tornado, or lift anything above atleast 250 pounds using the wind. He doesn't have any other weapons, yet.
Year-Round or Summer:Summer
Other:He doesn't reveal his last name during introductions. He claims that getting to know other people's last names in introductions are too 'mainstream' for him.
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PostSubject: Re: Jackdaniel0's characters   Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:06 pm

I'd say his personality is loyalty because of how you described his personality. But other than that, Poke is accepted ! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. :)
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Jackdaniel0's characters
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