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PostSubject: characters   Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:27 am

Hi. I'm making characters again, but I'm probably going to end up only ever making one bad one.

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PostSubject: Re: characters   Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:45 am

i bought a pet perk pals right here. the following is your monthly sub-standard zelly character presentation

      the name

    Flora Santos





      godly parent

    Hermes; Ἑρμης; messenger of the gods, god of commerce, thieves, travellers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, fish, and guide to the Hades.


    Flora was claimed during a game of capture the flag at camp. She became a key team member, finding the flag with ease, only slowed down by her own self-doubt, and her constant need to turn around and ask her peers what their opinions on her decisions were.

      mortal family

    Sally Mackie; mother
    Philip Newman; stepfather

      years at camp

    Flora has been at camp since she was thirteen, totalling three years.


    Flora's mother, Sally, was just twenty-two when she give birth to her. She was the daughter of a wealthy widowed owner of a private New York shipping port, who more than often ripped his customers off. She was taught the tricks of the trade from a young age, and, when her father died of bowel cancer, inherited the business, despite many more suitable options. Sally proved more than capable of handling it, raking in the dollars, and slowly weening it off shady deals.

    She found the attention of Hermes, who was impressed by her. He met her, and within a few short months their relationship blossomed to the point of an accidental pregnancy. Flora was born, and Hermes left. Knowing Flora's true lineage, Sally kept her sheltered, even buying her a monkey, and fortunately away from any monster attacks, until she turned thirteen. Following Hermes’ instructions, Flora was sent to Camp Half-Blood.


    Flora has brown eyes, like a molten pool of a mix of honey and cocoa. Gently speckled in the middle, they are always widely open and sparkling. Her face is framed by straight shoulder-length hair, a dark brown the same colour as dark chocolate. Flora's skin is naturally deeply tanned, inherited from both her ancient Greek father, and Latin American mother. She has a heavy, but athletic build that she is often self-conscious about, having been teased about her being “fat” on several occasions in her life. Flora wears light clothing perfect for moving about during the day, and is usually wearing her purple backpack that has been with her for years.


    Flora is friendly, inquisitive, and trusting. Flora is very outgoing, and finds it easy to walk up to people for a chat, and is always willing to share her opinion on things in her own gentle way. Flora is a natural explorer, and, always with Hats at her side, spends the majority of her time searching for new places, both at camp and outside it, to hang out or just for the sake of finding it.

    It’s hard for Flora to dislike anyone, and will automatically trust them completely. Luckily for her, she’s never really been thrust into any dangerous situation, and this has never had any bad effects on her. In any situation like this, Flora wouldn't cope well, ending up confused, unhappy, and unsure, because it’s just so alien to her.

      fatal flaw

    Flora could easily be tricked into a dangerous situation by anyone.


    Flora has a Macaque monkey, who she named Hats at a young age. Hats is unique as to having an extraordinarily long life, and has been with Flora for years. With an inquisitive personality, Hats had become quickly attached to a red hat he saw on a toddler several years ago. Hats stole the hat from the toddler, resulting in a mini riot of sorts on the street.


    Flora's gut instinct and natural athleticism make exploring and finding things her best talent. Whether it’s orienteering or being part of a monster killing band of ancient greek warriors, she can find what you need and lead you there in record time – surprisingly, for a daughter of Hermes, without leading you into a pit of mud for a joke.


    For a weapon, Flora has a celestial bronze machete – excellent for clearing out greenery and creating a path, and slaying monsters at the same time.

      year-round or summer?

    Flora is a year-round camper, but visits her mother and step-father every so often in weekends.

Rebecca Black

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PostSubject: Re: characters   Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:38 am

hi pals this is my canon his name is nico

      character you're applying for

    Nico di Angelo, the Ghost King, Son of Hades; God of Death, Wealth, and Lord of the Underworld, "The Unseen," ᾍδης.


    Nico has an often messy appearance. He doesn't really care about how he looks, which makes his hair and attire in general un-kept. He has remarkably pale skin, that has the appearance of skin that lost all colour seconds ago. Sickly, is how some would put it. His clothes, too, are messy, and are clearly never folded.

    His hair is dark-brown, but rarely shows this, appearing pitch black in most lights. It only shows as dark-brown when the light directly hits it. It has a silky quality to it, but is unkept and messy. Nico never combs this, and certainly doesn't often wash it.

    Nico's eyes are often the most memorable part of his appearance. Dark brown, they glint in away that implies he is either a genius or a madman. They are intimidating, and people often find it hard to stare into them for too long, always walking away with a strange feeling that they themselves were going mad. With people, these eyes are the centre of Nico's power. When angered, they appear to radiate everything that ever happened to Nico; the death of his sister, his lost life, the loss of his mother. The essence of these pulled into two circles, directed at you.

    His clothes have a set colour scheme: black. Never will you find him in anything colourful. Nico always wears his leather aviator jacket, and has for his whole life, possibly from distant WWII relatives. It is far too big for him, but he is slowly growing into it. He has a silver skull ring, and wears a silver chain belt around his usually ripped jeans. On this, he carries his Stygian iron sword.


    Nico di Angelo started out as a happy, inquisitive boy. A bit of a nerd, he enjoyed playing with Mythomagic Cards, and showed immediate excitement at learning he was a demigod. He didn’t really take it seriously, at first, thinking it a bit of a cool perk. Nico was happy, though he had no family. He enjoyed his life with his sister. That was, at least, until her death. At first, idolizing Percy, he blamed him for her death. He held a grudge. Along with this, he became sullen and depressed -- a change that would last. Upon learning he was a son of Hades, he became more and more like the god.

    Today, Nico is remarkably strong-willed. He is solitary, and doesn’t like to keep company. He believes he can’t, because of his parentage. “Only the dead respect me… and only out of fear,” he said. He spends more time with the death than he ever does with the living. He doesn’t let himself. Nico retains a grim outlook on life, pointing out the worst scenarios in everything. He seems constantly in a bad mood, but, truly, he can be happy. Having missed so much of his childhood, small things he missed can excite him, and turn him into the bubbly young boy he once was.

      sample roleplay

    Sometime in the 1930's, Nico di Angelo was born to Hades and his mother, Maria de Angelo. Together, they had already sired his sister; Bianca de Angelo. Though no oath had been sworn at this time, their birth angered Zeus, who destroyed the hotel they were staying at with lightning. While Maria died, Hades managed to protect the two siblings, and, realizing the danger, he sent them to the Lotus Hotel and Casino, where they stayed until 2007. After this long period of around 67 years, Hades sent one of his furies, Alecto, disguised as a lawyer to get them out. They became Hades' pawn of the games, and were bathed in the river Lethe to wipe their memories. He and his sister lived in Washington DC, before they were sent to Westover Hall, a military school in Maine.

    Here, they were sought out by Grover, making the pair the third and fourth Big Three Demigod for Grover to discover. He could tell that they were remarkably powerful, yet unknown, and a team of Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia were sent out to collect them. This plan failed, however, as a Manticore, known as Dr. Thorn, attempted to kidnap Nico and Thalia, to take them to Kronos. They were unable to stop the powerful Manticore, and they were only saved by the Huntresses of Artemis. Nico met his first Goddess; Artemis.

    He was at first interested in the Huntresses, but that soon changed when Bianca made the choice to join the Huntresses, and be forever young. Nico, angry at her for 'abandoning' him, became sullen and depressed. When he learnt that Bianca would be going on the quest to rescue Annabeth, he resorted to eavesdropping, listening as she and Zoe spoke in the dark. At this point, he convinced Percy, also wandering in the dark, to promise to keep his sister safe.

    Nico learnt only after the quest of the fate of his sister, who had died while stopping one of Hephaustus' automatons. He turned on Percy, believing it his fault; he had promised to keep her safe, at whatever cost. Whatever cost. Percy tried to comfort him, but Nico turned him down, claiming he could, "Feel her soul being judged." At this point, several skeleton warriors came out of the forest. Percy moved to fight them, but Nico merely yelled, "Go away!" at them, and a large fissure opened in the ground, cracking part of the dining pavilion, and causing them to fall into it, going back to Hades where they came from. Nico ran into the forest. Percy noticed the Hades Mythomagic statue on the ground, and realized that Nico must be a son of Hades.

    From this point onward, Nico disappeared from the face of the earth. He showed adept hiding skills, as no one could find him. During this time, he searched for stories of his mother, and planned his revenge on Percy. Eventually he found King Minos, who taught him how to use his powers as a son of Hades. Using these powers, he learnt to summon the dead, but failed to summon Bianca many times. He sought out a new way, to bring her back for good; a soul for a soul. He sought one who had cheated death, one to trade for Bianca's. His journey brought him to the Triple G Ranch.

    He was staying at the Triple G Ranch in order to discuss how to get to the soul he wanted; Daedalus. However, in a strike of pure luck, Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, and Grover also arrive at the ranch. He threatened them, but was stopped by Geyron before he could do anything. Geyron tied him up, revealing he was planning to sell him to the Titan Army. Percy offered a deal to Geyron in order to get Nico back, but Nico said he didn't want his help, still blaming him for the death of Bianca. Percy saves him anyway, and convinces him to try summoning Bianca again.

    With the presence of Percy, Bianca willingly comes up to greet Nico. Bianca told Nico that he shouldn't be angry at Percy, because it was in his nature, and the nature of Hades, to hold a grudge. It was his fatal flaw. She told him that he was really angry at her, but then discovers that Kronos felt his presence, and disappeared.

    Percy and friends left the Ranch, and Nico decided to stay there, though Percy offered for him to go with them. Minos came back, and tricked him into going back into the maze, in order to save Percy, but is caught by two Dracanae working for Kronos. He arrives at Daedalus' Workshop, and is caught in the midst of the battle. King Minos again showed up, refusing to leave under Nico's command. He proclaimed that he did not control him, and it was he controlling Nico the whole time. He revealed that it would not be Bianca who re-emerged from Hades, but him. He, the Ghost King. Nico opened a fissure in the ground, proclaiming himself to be the Ghost King, and sending him back to the Underworld.

    He tells Percy that he would never fit in; only the dead accepted him, and they did so out of fear. He escaped the workshop with Percy and Friends, into the Labyrinth once more. They find Kronos (at that point in Luke's body), and he pulled up a wall of black rock to save them. Kronos learnt he was a son of Hades.

    He was there at the death of Pan, but was the only person present the God did not talk to. During the Battle of the Labyrinth, Nico released Daedalus' soul to the underworld, but chose that Bianca should stay there, instead of returning to the land of the living.

    Sample Roleplay: The forest was a blur. Green, black. Behind him, Nico could still hear Percy yelling. “Nico! Come back!” they said. This was his home, they said. Home? Nico had no home. It was his fault. All Percy’s fault. Bianca was gone. She would never be coming back. And neither would he. He was going away, anywhere. He would never come back to camp.

    Tears were flowing, flying off his face and behind him into the gloom. Nico tripped on a root, falling down onto the mat of decaying plant matter. He just cried more. It didn’t matter. Nothing could get worse. The yells had dimmed down, they were gone. He was probably off getting help. Help for Nico. They would think he was crazy. Crazy? No. Just smart. Getting away from there was the only thing that could help him.

    Dusting off his jeans, Nico stood up, sobbing. He didn’t need to run anymore. They would never find him. They didn’t care anyway. He walked into a clearing, the moon revealing a high monolith of rock, stretching high like a fist coming out of the ground. Kind of like a zombie, coming out from a grave beneath. Nico wandered over to it, hand running along the rugged stone. He couldn’t handle this. His only family was gone. How would he live… alone?

    He collapsed onto the ground, head tucked between his legs. He sobbed. He was shaking. His breathing was out of control. And he fell. Evidently there was some cave beneath the rocks, the light barely shining through. Nico frowned, wiping the tears of his face. It seemed like a corridor. Perfect for hiding, at least. And where there was a corridor, there is a room. A secret hideout! Nico stopped himself. He couldn’t be a kid anymore. Not now. He was walking down it… to investigate the unknown elements of this corridor, and to find a safe location to hide. Right? Right.

    So he did that, cautiously wandering down, half leaning against the chiselled walls. He was still sobbing, but silently, the tears flowing slowly. He had to control himself. He had to grow up. He was his own parent now. He was looking after himself. What? The wall had stopped. It was a dead end. Did it turn… left? Yes. Nico followed the wall further, turning whatever way it made him. Eventually, it took him to a circular room. A fountain. He chose a doorway at random, and continued, down an earthy pathway. Next, delicately tiled. What was this?

    Nico walked until he could no longer. He was hungry, and alone. Who was he kidding? He couldn’t do this. He was a kid. Again, this kid sobbed on the ground, wallowing in his self-pity, his grief. He was pathetic. “… why so sad?”

    Nico’s head shot up. “Wh-who are you?” he demanded, shakily. There was a voice. But where was the body? Nico couldn’t see anyone, or anything, in the gloom.

    “I am a King, Child,” the voice spoke clearly, yet icily, “I’m sure I am well within the power to help you, if you would just tell me what troubles you.”

    Nico was scared. He had to prove he was strong, somehow. He didn’t want to die… but, then, he would be with Bianca… but, no, death… was horrible. “King? King of what? A king wouldn’t be in a tunnel!” he responded to the voice, trying to mask his fear.

    “You’re scared,” the voice said curtly, “I shan’t kill you, I believe you will find I cannot touch you…” and, from the gloom, it revealed itself.

    “Y-yo-you’re a ghost!” Nico exclaimed, scrambling back into the shadows of the wall.

    “Well done, son of Hades,” King Minos said coolly, “I think you’ll find we get along quite nicely… Welcome to my labyrinth, child.”
    Nico stared at this ‘King,’ running his dark eyes over him. His pale face was proud, cunning. It was long, and showed a curled, smug smile. His shoulder length brown hair was pulled into a ponytail, and his head topped with a golden crown. He wore golden robes, reaching down to the ground. This was, for sure, a King. “S-son of Hades?” Nico stuttered, “No no nope no! I can’t be! But… the… fissure. Ah! No…”

    He sat down again, covering his face with his hands. “I can’t be.”
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