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PostSubject: PLEASE DON'T READ THIS.   Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:30 pm

First off, I hate my life ATM.

My best friend claimed I was turning into natalie, just because i wear double necklaces and fix my hair. She claims I "ditch" her just to go to the bathroom and that I can't hold in a freaking sentence. it's not like i can control it. i have freaking ADD. toda was the worst day ever of my whole entire life.


i was marked tardy for shop class because i had to use the bathroom really badly and didn't ask him if i could go.
the teacher gave me a zero on an assignment because i only had *4* pages, which means it didn't print.
then she asked if everything was okay at my house because it was so late.
and i got called down to the councelers room because they thought i was being sexually harassed.
and turns out i am being harassed.
and i probably got a c- in writing, my best subject because it didn't freaking print.
and i'm failing most of my classes.
and i was also late for class BECAUSE of the counceling thingy.
and my report won't even freaking print at home, considering the fact that it's 14 PAGES LONG instead of 4 PAGES.
and the library is closed all week because of tcaps (transitional colorado assesment program)
so i can't print it out.
and i can't raise my grade up
and my 'friend' natalie is also harassing me
dragging me to places where i don't want to go
hitting me on the back hard then laughing
slapping me on the FACE and laughing because i said it hurt

and the only thing i can do to avoid suspicion is become somebody i'm not.
somebody else perhaps that even I would like more
and a person who is always happy go lucky and stuff.
and trust me, you don't want to see the real me
i only put on a happy face all the time because i was bullied as a kid.
i thought people would not bully me anymore if i was nice.
i got called
and told multiple times that i should go die in a hole.
i haven't seen my friends in over a year
and my friends scrutinize me simply because i wear makeup
they hate me for the person who i want to be
they hate not me
they hate the person who i am not
the real me is horribly depressed
sad and easily brought to tears.
scared of mostly everything
whiny and annoying
and most of all

goodbye for now-
kendall august hoffman-zellers
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PostSubject: Re: PLEASE DON'T READ THIS.   Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:06 pm

Hang in there<3 Sure, I'm 13, and as people may think I don't understand, I really do. As my friend (over the internet) who literally saved my LIFE yesterday, not because of this--but whatever--here's my point. Live for the ones that love you, not for the ones that hate you. If you think nobody cares for you, you're wrong. We all care on here, if that means anything. <3
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