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 you don't have to read this.

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PostSubject: you don't have to read this.   Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:00 am

god i'm so behind.

i'm upset. love is legit ruining my life. let's see, i'm internet together with somebody, but not really seeping into real life. but i love brenn, but i still like other guys. i'm debating whether or not it's okay. but all the guys at school don't know i'm dating somebody already. i got asked out silently and people think we're dating. no way, he's not even my type (he's quiet, kinda the person who's like, 'take her, don't take me')

i mean, i don't know. i'm behind on my homework, life, everything. i wish i would just be like, "BOYS, IMA DATE PEOPLE WHO I CHOOSE, K?" but no. it's ruining my life. stomped? i'm not heart broken. i'm just kinda like


you know what i mean?

if i don't come on for an extended period of time, i'm either on minecraft (building my life away) or doing my homework/something better. if i leave, please odn't kill me. because i love you all. i mean, i need a break. just to sort my life out, k?
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you don't have to read this.
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