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 the mess that we'll become || private

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PostSubject: the mess that we'll become || private   Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:10 pm

Faye McJean
| Faye, if nothing else in this world, was a practical person. She did her assignments when they were given, not when they were due. She would go down to do her laundry on Monday mornings, because no one likes Monday mornings. She always kept pepper spray on her, especially when she was walking alone in the city at night. The college student knew how to make good choices, practical choices, emotionless choices.  

It was now early December, her first college finals completed. She hadn't seen the arch of Half Blood Hill, or heard the laughter of her fellow campers in five months. Leaving had been a practical, emotionless choice. Faye knew that if she ever wanted to leave camp, she would need a mortal education and career. She needed her own life, away from the stresses and realities of camp. College at the University of Minnesota was easy, being a half blood was not.

Yet here she was, an intelligent, calculating girl, making a very bad choice. Faye knew she shouldn't have returned to camp for winter break, but she couldn't help it. She had wanted to return to the safety of camp the second she left. No matter how hard the Athenian tried, this place would always hold a piece of her heart (several pieces, actually).

Walking through camp without being seen was the simple part. Faye took the unmarked trails to the back of cabin six, hoping not to be spotted by anyone. She needed to digest the familiarity of the land she was standing on before she said her hellos. Upon opening the door to Athena's cabin, tears began to well in her eyes. The scent of worn books and coffee filled her nostrils - tears slowly began streaming down her face. Her fingertips ran along the edges of a bookshelf she had known so well and the tears thickened.

She was home.

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the mess that we'll become || private
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