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 always in this twilight [private]

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PostSubject: always in this twilight [private]   Sun May 01, 2016 7:25 pm


Alayna Castro
i can call whoever I want

It was a crazy morning for Alayna and the other campers, seven bodies were found, but they were very much alive. Alayna was able to assist the Apollo kids by putting the campers on the stretchers. Alayna had to change because she had blood on her shirt and sweats. She just got dressed in a plain white t shirt and a pair of blue jeans. The cabin courtyard was full of worried people, she wanted to stay and hang, but she wanted to make sure everyone was okay in the infirmary. The infirmary was what came to her mind, that's where they would be, right? she thought to herself. She headed over to the infirmary. She thought of who was found this morning. There was the kid she went to help, Johnathan, and then there was the girl. Oh goodness what was her name again? Everyone was so shocked to see her. Oh yeah Kalina. she thought.

Heading over there she was afraid they probably weren't going to let her in, but then she thought again knowing anyone was allowed in the infirmary. Alayna finally made it and she walked in. She should probably go to the people she knew the names of. And it was just two. She scanned the room seeing the rest of the campers that were found. She didn't know what to do. Some were up talking to other people. Alayna took a few steps and looked around until she spotted the girl, Kalina. She walked over to see that she was waking up. Alayna stood to the side, so when she woke up she wouldn't see her hovering over her.

Alayna spoke softly "Hey, how re you feeling?' she asked Kalina. She saw a cup of water by her bunk and Alayna picked it up, ready to hand it over just in case she wanted some.

but first let me call the dead

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always in this twilight [private]
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