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 those were the days--- private.

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PostSubject: those were the days--- private.    Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:16 pm

kalina nikolova.

Flicking through a rail of camp issue clothing, Kalina paused briefly to scan a pale blue t-shirt with the camp half-blood sign on it before heaving a deep sigh and letting the bundle of clothes she had been holding back fall loose once more. Clothes shopping had always been a bore, even in the mortal world where there were so many more shops and brands to choose from. With only the same few styles and colors and options, everything was doubly bad.

Deciding to give up on the clothes side of things for a little while, Kali headed left, ducking around a corner to the trinkets shelves and scanning along as she walked. Silly, silly Kalina. Hadn't she ever learned her lesson, on walking without looking where she was going? Not realizing that she was approaching another warm body, Kalina inched closer and closer--

And it was thanks to her head twisting at just the right moment that she spotted the person in front of her and came to a screeching halt. Her mouth opened, apology on the tip of her tongue for the collision she had almost caused, and then she took note of who it actually was. Instead of apologizing, the edges of her mouth turned up in a huge smile, her voice chirpy. "Hey, stranger. Fancy seeing you here."

Here. Here was where they'd first met -- during the terrifying times of the Zombie Apocalypse. Here had few good memories tied to it, aside from meeting Samuel. He had brought technicolor to her life, even when she had been at her worst. More than a friend, less than a boyfriend... he'd been her biggest 'almost'.

"Would it be okay to hug you?"

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PostSubject: Re: those were the days--- private.    Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:58 pm

samuel adamczyk
lately samuel has felt bored, unsatisfied with life. he's been going through the motions of his daily routine, feeling nothing. he's not sure what the reason behind feeling this way is, but he's sick of it and he wants nothing more than to find a change. yet, he's wound up in the camp store. he used to think the little store was one of the coolest things about camp, it always seemed like he could find anything he needed from sunglasses to underwear. but now that he's gotten used to it, it's just another part of camp.

still that doesn't stop him from wandering up and down the aisles, running his hands over the merchandise as his eyes scan over it. it's not long before he finds himself stopping in front of the aisle that looks like one of the crowded souvenir shops that you find in major cities. a small smile forms on his face as he picks up a snow globe, gently cradling it in his hands he gives it a shake as he watches it. he can't help but laugh, it's not even funny it's actually pretty pathetic.

he tucks the snow globe under his arm as he moves down the aisle, he's not quite sure what he'll do with it but he knows he wants it and that's really all that matters at this point. he's just about to grab a hold of a t-shirt when he hears someone approaching. luckily he looks up in time, to take a quick step out of the way.

he opens his mouth to say something, when he quickly shuts it as he recognizes the brunette in front of him. his angry expression is replaced by a rather goofy grin as he studies kalina. "are you stalking me nikolova?"he asks with a small chuckle as he takes a step closer towards kalina. oh gods it's been ages since he's seen her and suddenly everything seems right again.

"of course"he says with a small smile as he opens his arms, before tightly wrapping them around her. part of him wishes that he'd lean in and kiss her, but he's still not sure if he's supposed to do that. sure he'd like to do it, but he and kalina aren't officially "dating" so she might not like it. maybe he should just ask her out? it would be easier wouldn't it? taking a deep breath he tilts his head to look down at her, "can i ask you something?"

"yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away"
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those were the days--- private.
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