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 Nickolas Imura - First character

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Nickolas Imura


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PostSubject: Nickolas Imura - First character   Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:44 pm

Image credit: Noctis by Artipelago on deviantART
Nickolas Imura
Age/Birthday: 17 standard years, August 11, 1996
God Parent: Hephaestus
Claimed: No IC knowledge.
Mortal Family:
Maylee Imura - Mother
Others are unknown.
Years in Camp: 0
Brief History:
At the age of 5 his mother gave him up for adoption. he does not remember much before that.  he moved from foster home after foster home as one of them burned down on accident. Everyone thought that he was just messing around with the stove, when really he was mad at one of his "brothers" when clothes and dust near by him suddenly lit on fire. He was 10 at the time of the incident. Receiving burns trying to save people from the house, but he left his foster mother behind and she died in the fire. Soon after his 17th house, he ran away. Only to be cornered by a harpy. He was in New York when he was chased for 7 blocks by what looked to be a woman with raven wings and talons. After he ran into an ally, suddenly a weapon was thrown his way. Across the ground was a "golden sword" that slid on the ground. With reflexes he had never used before, he slid under the Harpy, grabbed the sword and cut at the beast. Sending it to hell where it became ash. He looked to see a man, A hobo who smiled at him then left. Vanishing form his sight. On the sword was the Omega Symbol and since then, he has been looking for this man, on why the sword was given to him.
Physical Appearance:
Standing at a height of 5 foot 6 inches tall. Nickolas, or Nick for short, is considered a goth or punk kid. He has a rather lean muscular body built for speed and agility. However, he does have a good amount of strength. He has burn marks over his arms from past instances. he does have a few cut scars on his arms and shoulders. Even a Tattoo of a fiery set of wings on his back, as well as a tat of a fiery sword on the inside of his right forearm. He has a rather sharp and strong facial feature. Built "like a man" as he looks older than he really is. he has red eyes from some kind of genetic mutation.
Puck rocker type of guy, Nick is one that is a teddy bear. Hard and acts like an ass on the outside, but really is soft and sweet on the inside. Being from foster home to foster home, he hides his feelings fairly well. Nick is one who likes to work alone as he has spent many nights and days alone. Acting in a rather reckless way, Nick can rush into bad situations, he is also kind of a daredevil. Tempting the fates and death every so often with stunts and the like. All while having a good Moral compass that he does not attack women with the intent to kill or injure them.
Fatal Flaw(s):
Reckless: he is rather reckless not thinking about how his actions can bring different consequences. Added to that he is hasty in making decisions taking less time than he should debating about his actions
Teenager Rebellion: He is a teenager, its just natural for him to go against orders or commands. And feels though sometimes he needs to argue against everything. EVEN WHEN HE MAY BE WRONG.
Not a fighter: Having almost no fighting experience he can hardly use the weapons he has now. The best he knows in fighting is street fighting and is a scraper fighter. Nor does he have a lot of control over his abilities.
Pets: None.
Pyroknesis: Nick knows that he has the ability to use this, as many times fires have started all the time around him. Mostly coming out when he is angry or scared. He still needs to learn how to control his actions to best avoid lighting everything on fire.
Forging/Crafting: Even as it says forging, it means that he can jimmy up things and make makeshift weapons, armor, or whatever else. Even making smaller stuff just to make his life easier to go along. He does need more training to get better as the best he can do right now is work with duct tape and household items.
Strength: For his size and stature, he has a rather strong muscular form. Having to protect himself, he needs to be strong.
Strenghts and weaknesses
+Fast learner
+Street fighting
+Good with hands/crafting
-Lone ranger
Single Celestial Bronze sword - Novice user
(Hidden as cellphone. When pressing the pound/hashtag button it changes to a sword)
Year-Round or Summer:Unknown at this time
Other:This is my first Olympian themed RP. I have played in Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings RPing forums for over two years now.

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PostSubject: Re: Nickolas Imura - First character   Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:04 am

Dear Nickolas,
You have received a PM regarding your character and your character's acceptance is thus pending. My apologies for the inconvenience!
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PostSubject: Re: Nickolas Imura - First character   Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:17 am

Nickolas Imura is now accepted!

Have fun rp'ing!
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PostSubject: Re: Nickolas Imura - First character   

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Nickolas Imura - First character
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