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 PB's character

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PostSubject: PB's character   Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:06 am

Race: Half-Blood
Name: Poppy Ballantyne
Age: 16
Gender: Female
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Marlaina Ballantyne (mother) and Ezra Ballantyne (half-brother)
Years in Camp: 6

Brief History:
Poppy was a stubborn kid who was constantly in trouble for never doing her schoolwork and scaring her classmates with monster stories. She didn’t make many friends that way, but Andy, the satyr charged with looking after her, stuck by her side, and she could always rely on her older brother, Ezra. Poppy’s mother, Marlaina, was a musician who spent most of her time touring across the country, leaving Ezra to take care of his younger sister back home in Montreal. Ezra used to tell Poppy monster stories to get her to behave herself. Her favourite story was that of Lamia, the child-eating demoness. Besides occasionally scaring her, Ezra looked after Poppy very well, but since he was a teenager, he was occasionally careless.

When Poppy was 9, Ezra left her at home with Andy for the evening so he could go to a party. When a strange woman came knocking, Andy warned her not to open the door, as he recognized the woman as Lamia from Greek mythology. Poppy, too, recognized her from Ezra’s description. She nearly got herself killed by thinking she could take the demoness by surprise. When Lamia broke through the door, Poppy stabbed her with a pair of house keys. The tiny injuries from the keys just angered Lamia, but Andy managed to topple a bookcase onto her, giving him enough time to flee with Poppy.

Due to Poppy’s young age, she didn’t smell too strongly of demi-god, allowing the pair to reach Camp Half-Blood with no further monster attacks.

Physical Appearance: Poppy takes after her mother with pale skin and freckles over her nose and upper cheeks. She always looks a little tired and her resting face is generally unapproachable. She has short, messy, dark brown hair that’s gone for a little too long without a trim. Her eyes are grey, which sometimes means she gets mixed up with the Athena kids. Even more easily distracted than most kids with ADHD, Poppy scrapes, bruises, or burns herself on a weekly basis, leaving her covered with injuries in various stages of healing. In the end, she’s pretty, but she also looks like she might kick the next person who tries to talk to her.

Personality: Poppy comes across as arrogant and rude when people first meet her, but it’s because she doesn’t bother with being polite if she doesn’t want to. Once she befriends someone, she’s outgoing, funny, and very loyal. If she doesn’t like someone, she’s cold and doesn’t try to hide it. Poppy is also incredibly sarcastic when she’s in a bad mood. She likes music, people who are open with their feelings, and horchata (a mexican rice drink). She dislikes any orange food, people who show up uninvited, and video games.

Fatal Flaw: Poppy is terrified of being unloved, and if someone tried, they could easily convince her that her friends didn’t really love her, causing her to give up or turn against people who care about her.

Pets: None.

Talents: Poppy is good at archery, like any child of Apollo. In addition, she writes beautiful music. She would much rather have some cool abilities, since music seems totally useless in battle.

Weapons: A bow and arrow, as well as a small dagger for close range combat.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-round

Other: Poppy's face claim is Anne-Catherine Frey. Her colour is this weird blue thing.

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PostSubject: Re: PB's character   Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:32 am

Poppy Ballantyne is accepted
Happy Roleplaying!
Nice job!

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PB's character
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