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 Zombies bishes

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PostSubject: Zombies bishes   Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:44 pm

Taylor stood on top of the library, shooting arrows down at the zombies, each one landing somewhere in the face of the zombies. Zombie after zombie fell to the ground, arrows sprouting from each of thier heads. Until, of course, Taylor reached a problem: he ran out of arrows. He had his shield left, and his ability to freeze each of the poor ex-demigods. He walked back, to the lowest point of the building, and hiung down and then dropped. He hit the ground with a quiet umph, and looked around. His shield was read to freeze zombies in thier place, when he heard moaning, but to late. As he soun around the zombie bit into him, and taylor cursed. He knocked the thing back with his sheild watching it turn to ice as it fell backwards. He jogged away, looking for missed arrows, or arrows from his fallen brothers, sad he had to do it, biut neccesary none-the-less. Soon he found a hoard of zombies, surrounding some poor girl [color=cyan] "Hey, zombies, over here. Come get me imbisuls" [/color he yelled, drawing many of the zombies away from the girl. as the limped towards him, he suht his eyes and concentrated. He shot spikes of ice into the brains of the nearest ones, as he evaded ones that had made it to him.

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lara croft
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PostSubject: Re: Zombies bishes   Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:37 pm

You can't hear me cry See my dreams all die from where you're standing on your own It's so quiet here and I feel so cold

This house no longer feels like home
Was it actually posible to say that I was having a bad time of it? Because I wasn't sure if that actually covered what it was like in this moment in time. One of the only things in my head was "Why in the hell did I leave the safe house?" because in my eyes, that was a very, very good question to be asking. Why did I leave the safe house? Hm, maybe because I'm an idiot. Maybe because I wanted to see the damn sun again. Yeah... real great excuse that.

Whatever the reason for leaving the safety of the aptly named safe house, it didn't change the fact that I was stuck here, outside, at night, zombies everywhere (Or what seemed like everywhere).
At first I had been okay. I had gone out, wanting to see the sun just once, proper sunlight that wasn't marred by the fact that it was coming through a crack in the ceiling. Because honestly and truthfully, I just could not deal with the crowdedness of the safe house anymore. I couldn't deal with the quietness and the darkness and the feeling that I would die without seeing the sun again. That was what was going to happen after all. I was gonna die during the Zombie Apolcalypse. It was a common fact, so why try to hide it? I wasn't strong or anything. I wasn't great at swordfighting or finding the Zombies weak points. They would get into the safe house and we would try to hold out against them but we wouldn't and I would die and end up becoming one of them. That was how the story went.
But then I went and screwed up the thing which I had been prepared for. Left the Store to see the sun, got locked out. It was the second time that had happened. The first time I had been locked out I had had someone to talk to... someone else, another Half-Blood. And we had survived. Maybe because that time, while the girl might have looked like me and I called her me, she wasn't me. That Kalina was bright and vibrant and had everything to live for. Me, on the other hand, the Kalina who was left now after weeks of fighting, was not bright or vibrant and I sure as hell had nothing to live for. More than likely everyone the other Kalina had cared for was dead. If they were, then what the hell was my purpose?
Locked out of the damn Store. Not able to get in as the sun set and the Zombies emerged from bushes and shadows like they had been there the whole time laughing. I had ran, obviously. But now, a small way away from the Store, I was stuck, Zombies circling me.

Hair pulled back in a severe bun, it was out of my way as I swung my sword towards the nearest of the zombies. Maybe if I had enough time left it would start to give me a headache because it was up so high and was so tight and heavy, but I didn't have a lot of time left. Any minute now one of them would get past my defences and that would be that, the end of me, the end of the other Kalina, the end of everything which she had built up over sixteen short years on this earth. No one would remember her, or me, no one would carry on stories of her for decades, about how brave she had been, because she hadn't been brave. She'd been weak and easily broken and at the first whiff of trouble she had left me to deal with everything.
My clothes were torn and dirty, stained with blood and mud and grass stains. The blood, well, that could have been mine or someone elses. Some of it was probably mine, from my various wounds gotten from fighting the Zombies of deceased campers, but a lot of it was probably other Campers. One wound could bleed quite a lot until relief, as I'd learned over the last few weeks. That relief could be a cloth wrapped rightly above it to stop the flow of blood or it could be something much worse... something much more permanent.
My shoes were worn down quite a bit from walking and running and whatever, and they were spattered with even more blood and dirt. At first I'd tried to clean them off... after the first week I'd given up and just let them get dirty.

It didn't even shock me when my sword clattered across the ground, knocked out of my hand easily by a Zombie. It skidded to a stop a few feet away, but I wasn't even bothered to try. Trying equalled failure now, after so many trial and errors. Instead I just gave up, because there was no use.
And then they were gone.
Looking up, I spotted the reason they had left me alone. A blonde guy, maybe around my age, was standing with his shield and calling them over to him. They complied, shuffling closer and closer until- he froze them. As I watched they were stabbed with short little ice spikes, right in their weak point. The rest of them continued like nothing had happened, and it took me up until then to realize that was my cue, that was what I was supposed to do.
I bent down stiffly and picked up my sword, the familiar weight no longer reassuring when I knew it wouldn't protect me from all harm anymore.
Moving closer, I swung it at the Zombie which was nearest me, and farthest from the guy. It didn't even see it coming as the sword decapitated it, and I had to look away for another moment.
No matter how many times it happened, you never got used to the fact that you were basically killing a Camper you may have been friends with under different circumstances.

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Zombies bishes
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