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 NayLee's First Character

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PostSubject: NayLee's First Character   Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:00 pm

Name: Beatrice Adie
Nicknames: Tris
Age: 13
Place of Birth: York Beach, Maine
Godly Parent: Hephaestus
Mortal Family: Her mother, Maria( deceased), her aunt Stephanie, her husband Eric, her cousins, 10 year old Heather
and 6 year old twins, Kelvin and Kalvin, and the other children of Hephaestus

Claimed or Unclaimed: Unclaimed

Year-Round or Summer Camper: She will be a year-rounder
Years at Camp: No years yet.
History: Tris' life, was difficult from the absolute start. On the day of her birth, her mother died, and by then, Hephaestus was already gone. So Tris was given to her mother's sister, Stephanie. Stephanie hadn't wanted Tris though, as she knew it was Maria's fault for getting this baby from a stranger had had only met months before, and look at her now, dead. Stephanie had named her Beatrice, not really taking much thought on to it. But she did raise Tris, up until she was three years old and Stephanie and her now husband were expecting their own baby and days from now. Once Heather was born, they had forgotten Tris existed. She slept up in the attic, coming down only for the bathroom and to eat. But Tris was okay with that. She was constantly making things, like a fan made of hangers. She was always tinkering her life away.
Then her uncle got incredibly upset with her. He was using all his old stuff, which were all in a box specifically labeled "Trash". He began  abusing her, secretly of course. Her arms were almost always covered in bruises. After years of putting up with it, she ran away. On her 13th birthday, she sneaked onto a bus, which had gone to New York. Confused, and unsure where to go, she just went on another bus which went to Long Island. She got off on one of the stops near a rather larger hill. So she went to climb it. And found, Camp Half Blood.  

Personality: Tris can be a very quite person. She is shy in front of strangers, and keeps to herself, but is different in front of her friends. She shows the sense of humor hidden within her smile, and proves to be as sweet as candy. She can never help herself, but is always there to help others. She is very laid-back, and is always asked how she can remain so “chill” during times when most people would become stressed, so when Tris is stressed, she can’t do anything the right way. She starts to panic, worry, and then she cannot do anything. She can be something of a flirt, but she feels she’ll be forever alone. She hopes to just make it through life and die happily.
Fatal Flaw: Inferiority
Likes: Technology, fixing things, making things, waffles, fire.
Dislikes: Being alone, the dark, cold water touching her skin, being stressed, and being without technology.

Physical Description: Tris stands at about 4'8, being rather short, and she is slim, her metabolism refusing to slow down. She has dark brown hair that at is straight, yet curly, going to slighlty below her shoulders. She has dark brown eyes, with a slight sparkle in them showing her curiosity. She has light brown skin, that most would call tan. She has rather small and soft hands for a child of Hephaestus, thanks to her mother who she inherited the softness of most of her skin from. She has a pearly white smile and straight teeth, due to that fact that when she is nervous, she brushes her teeth, and she used to be nervous and stressed a lot when she was younger.
Dressing Style: She tends to dress casually and comfortable, but dresses up when it is needed.

Face Claim:
Demigod Talents: Technokinesis, trap detection, and Pyrokinesis. The Pyrokinesis however, does not work on command. It seems to only work during a moment where she feels heat around her, then she may produce fire, but if she were surrounded by rather cold air, she would have the inability to produce fire because her body would be to cold to make anything of that temperature.
Weapons: Celestial bronze daggers (ten) that shrink down in pairs into rings that appear on her fingers in they aren't there already. So, there are five rings. Each turns into two daggers. After thrown, it takes them seven minutes to reappear on her fingers in ring form or in her hands as a dagger.
Pets: None
Other: Accepted by moon via PM

~The Puppet Master~
Name/Alias:Naylee, you may call me Nay
Interests: Books, such as Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games trilogy, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus series, Divergent trilogy, Matched Trilogy, etc. Um... I like basketball and video games... and school. Yes, I'm a complete nerd, yet not really.
How you found this site: I was surfing the web...well, Google.. and i found this. Looked very organized things, and i love organized things. So I decided to give it a try.

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PostSubject: Re: NayLee's First Character   Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:49 pm

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NayLee's First Character
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