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 DarknessRises's Characters

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PostSubject: DarknessRises's Characters   Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:04 pm

Avery Driban
Daughter of Hecate
Name: Avery Grace Driban

Age: 16

Place of Birth: Austin, Texas

Godly Parent: Hecate, Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, and ghosts

Mortal Family: She unaware who her birthfather is. She was adopted by an Anna Marie Driban and Aiden James

Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-Round Camper

Years at Camp: 1

History: Since she was very little, Avery always felt like an outsider, literally stumbling through her life. As if she was on the outside looking in at the world around her. She thought this feeling was normal, to her any adopted child would feel the same. They would feel as if they didn’t belong, but she had no idea what was in store for her. When she turned 15 is when her powers came into effect and weird things started happening to her. Nature would bend to her every need and the world around her was completely under her control. Seeing her changes her parents sent her to various consolers hoping it would help. Not seeing a single change in her they looked even harder to help their daughter. They soon came across a camp that helped those in need. Seeing as they had no other alternative they sent her to New York leaving her there, hoping to hear from her soon. It’s been a year since any contact.

Personality: Avery is a quiet, shy girl, but also an outgoing person. She is independent and self-reliant due to her upbringing. She cherishes the relationships she has with others, but also enjoys her time alone. She is also very protective of those around her which brings out the side of her she usually suppresses. Due to her shyness and over-protectiveness, she has trouble trusting many people.

Fatal Flaw: Avery’s fatal flaw would be inferiority, she feels as if she is less important than those around her, even if she is in an impeccable circumstance such as a high position.

Likes: Avery admires weapons and is almost always found in the Armory. She also loves to read, mostly books on how to create various weapons. She also loves to write in a journal, in which she writes about her life experiences such as, mock battles, capture the flag, and sword play.

Dislikes: Avery dislikes large groups and prefers to be either alone or close to people she knows well. She also gets bored very quickly; she’s very active and would rather do vigorous activities though she enjoys taking a break every now and then. Avery dislikes seeing her comrades injured because she cherishes the relationships she has with others.

Physical Description: Avery has medium-length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, along with pale white skin. She is short for her age and has a slim body that appears to lack muscle. Though it doesn’t seem so, Avery is very strong and has much strength. She continually trains to better her fighting style and power.

Dressing Style: Avery’s style is anything but girly. She dresses comfortably, wearing dull colors like dark blues and grays. Her clothing is mostly fashioned with jeans, boots and sneakers.

Demigod Talents: Avery has minor elemental powers. She can control nature to a certain extent, but her powers aren’t fully mastered.

Weapons: She has a talent for handling a bow and arrow and various types of throwing knives.

Pets: She likes animals but would never consider having one since she can barely take care of herself.

Other: Avery has the word name Faith tattooed on her right wrist.

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PostSubject: Re: DarknessRises's Characters   Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:19 pm

welcome to chb, accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: DarknessRises's Characters   Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:49 pm

Thanks excited 
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PostSubject: Re: DarknessRises's Characters   

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DarknessRises's Characters
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