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 Primie's Characters

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PostSubject: Primie's Characters   Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:25 am

* birth certificate

Name: Zelda Smith

Nicknames: Zel

Age: 13

Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada

Godly Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: Grace Smith (mother), Max Smith (full brother, 8)

Claimed or Unclaimed: Yes

* camp life

Year-Round or Summer Camper: Summer Camper

Years at Camp: 3

History:  Zelda was an ordinary girl until she was 10. She was a good student and had many friends. She was understanding and easy to get along with. When she was 10 her mom told her the truth about her father and sent her to camp.

* the psyche

Personality: Although Zelda is smart, she can be a show off. she is funny, but sometimes she can make a mean joke by accident. Zelda is understanding. She sometimes goes over the top and doesn’t mind her own beeswax.

Fatal Flaw: she can’t lie

Likes: she likes cats,gymnastics,reading,riding and rock climbing

Dislikes:football,bad puns or jokes and her brother\

* the appearance

Physical Description: She has caramel colored wavy hair. her hair is down to her shoulders.

she has blue-green eyes , freckles and peach colored skin. She usually wears a dress and sometimes leggings and a pair of clogs.

Dressing Style: girly

* the defensive system

Demigod Talents:shes very good at archery. she never gets sunburnt. She’s a good singer and musician.

Weapons:bow and arrow

Pets: a kitten named brooklyn

* the puppet master

Name/Alias: Primmy

Interests: Rock climbing and Gymnastics
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PostSubject: Re: Primie's Characters   Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:37 am

"Claimed or Unclaimed: Yes." Please clear this up a bit. Is it 'yes she is claimed' or 'yes she is unclaimed'?

I don't think her fatal flaw is fatal. It doesn't seem like something that can lead to her downfall/death. Please change it to something else.

Please also add more to her history. "She was understanding and easy to get along with" actually seems to be more of a personality sentence. Her physical description could also use more detail. If you're having trouble writing more, this guide here can help you. c:
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Primie's Characters
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