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 The Characters of Tatum-Mae

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PostSubject: The Characters of Tatum-Mae   Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:24 pm

Name: Aria Phillips
Age/Birthday: 16 20th May 1996
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hermes
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Joanna Phillips (Mother)
Years in Camp: 3

Brief History: Aria grew up in the bad part of New York. Her mother didn’t have a decent job and they were barely making ends meet. Aria found herself around drug-dealers, thieves and just dangerous people in general. She found she had a knack for stealing and deception, so she became a con-artist. Stealing money and pawning whatever she could find in the better part of the city. Her mother then got a huge promotion and they moved away from the slums to the bustling and expensive city life. Aria found herself around the people she had envied and stole from. She made a good little name for herself in the cop’s records. Her mother didn’t understand her daughter until she remembered who her father was. She came clean to Aria and told her about Hermes. Turns out that Joanna had been a bit of a wild child and had been even worse than Aria. In order to prevent Aria doing anything even more dangerous and irrational, she took her to Camp-Half Blood and Aria, bored of her New York con-artist gig, went willingly.

Physical Appearance: Aria is desribed as being very pretty. She's 5"6'. 6 1/2 in. and weighs 122lbs. She is very well built and muscular with a tight stomach, but not bulky arms. Her face is heart shaped and her nose and jawline are nearly straight. She has long, messy black hair and slender, chocolate brown eyes.

Personality: If you ask anyone who has ever met Aria to tell you about her, they will say you many things. One thing that they will all say, no doubt, is that she is one of the easiest going and kindest people you could come across.
Aria is a born optimist. She is more than glad to give any help to stranger or friend. Aria is empathetic, warm and sensitive. She is also pretty mischievous and bold, but there is no doubt that she has a heart of gold. Aria is enthusiastic and energetic. She is extremely laid-back and fun, an aura of confidence always around her.
Fatal Flaw: Aria doesn’t like to admit it, but she is actually insecure about herself and is a very anxious person. She is a deep thinker and allows herself to think too deep about what is wrong with everything around her.
Pets: None

Talents: Aria of course has enhanced thieving skill, being able to steal something in someone’s front pocket while standing right in front of them. She is very athletic and is cat-like in speed and agility. She is a master of persuasion and deception. She also possesses an impeccable memory, being able to remember anything she reads, writes or something someone told her.
Weapons: Aria herself is not really a fighter, but is quite nifty with a number of knives she hides around her body. Aria does prefer to use her own body in fighting though.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Other: Aria is an amazing runner and prides herself at being one of the fastest in camp. (This hasn’t actually been officially announced, but Aria likes to believe it anyway)
She also has a secret love of books and poetry.
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PostSubject: Re: The Characters of Tatum-Mae   Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:03 pm

Aria is accepted.
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The Characters of Tatum-Mae
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