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 The morning after [p r i v a t e--To Zan]

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PostSubject: The morning after [p r i v a t e--To Zan]   Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:29 am

"I'm kinda..uh...I..pass?"

Rose Elora Harkner
Daughter of Hemera
Rose sat patiently in the seat beside Levi's cot. The previous night, right after a heart-t-heart between the two, Levi had a panic attack. She couldn't blame him, really. In emotional times, she was always confronted with her past as well. However, she hated being upset, so she chose to pretend that everything was okay when it came to memories of her father. Rose was holding Levi's hand, and she had been all night long. The only time she left the room was to go and change out of her dress and to get spare clothes for Levi.
Rose flashed back to the previous night. She remembered how scared she was. Usually she tried her best to help Levi when he had flashbacks, but last night he was completely unresponsive. She knew he wouldn't be happy about being in the infirmary, but she had no choice. Rose bit her lip and glanced away, not wanting to think about how she'd be upset if someone brought her here. Rose hated hospitals and infirmaries and anything to do with doctors. She despised being in them, being near them, or even thinking about them. With a sigh, Rose rested her elbow on the edge of Levi's bed and placed her head in her hand. She was exhausted, and it showed in the bags under her eyes. But she couldn't leave Levi unattended. She'd need to be here when he wakes up. She'd want to be here.
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PostSubject: Re: The morning after [p r i v a t e--To Zan]   Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:30 pm

levi charles wayland

After a long, dark night of screaming out in his sleep, Levi rolled over in his cot, his eyelids fluttering open. Though it looked like they had just fluttered open, he really had struggled to peel them apart with every muscle in his face. Levi let out a groan, a groan in pain and a tired groan. The teen rolled over on to his side and emptied the contents of his stomach into the bedpan on the floor just where he figured that he'd get out of bed later, forgetting all about the vomit. A few dry heaves caught him after he finished most of the job and he gagged twice nothing coming up. Levi wiped his mouth on his sleeve and flopped back into the bed, drawing a shaky breath into his lungs.
Levi's entire body was covered in a light sheen on sweat and his brow was damp from just puking. The boy was still a bit shaky from last night's episode. He'd never expected to have an episode like that. He thought they were all finished after he had killed his father. Levi's gut wrenched at the thought of that memory and he fought it back. No, no, do not think of that, the son of Aphrodite told himself sternly. Instead, he chose to think about what happened after last night's episode occured. He couldn't remember much, but the stuff he did remember was being carried by Chiron to the Infirmary where they dumped him onto a bed and called in real demigod doctors. Not just Apollo healers, but real doctors.
The doctors had diagnosed Levi was some kind of stress disorder, one that he couldn't remember the name for it, but a stress disorder nonetheless. The doctors had also ordered the boy to see a physichologist after they finished with him. Levi remembered throwing a bit of a fit toward that dictation. He wasn't crazy and he wasn't insane, he didn't want to see a psychatrist! He was perfectly healthy... now. He might've begged to differ a few years ago, but now he felt perfectly fine and perfectly healthy. Well, not healthy at the current moment, but he felt like he had the perfect balance and overall state of wellness going on.
Levi's eyelids fluttered open a few minutes later, this time actually fluttering. He looked around with a stunningly clear view of the world and sat up, using the sides of the cot for support. "Rosie?" He asked with a weak voice. His dark gaze was fixed firmly on her, giving the daughter of Hemera a strange look.
wey hey levi
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The morning after [p r i v a t e--To Zan]
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