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 have a happy morning~ [private]

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PostSubject: have a happy morning~ [private]   Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:41 am

daughter of apollo

Rayne entered the infirmary feeling particularly cheerful. It really wasn't anything special though, seeing as she was always happy, but maybe there was something in the sun's first rays that made her even more bubbly than usual. It was barely the crack of dawn but the girl was already up and about. She had yet to offer a pleasant 'good morning' to anyone, seeing there was simply no one else around in the wee hours of the morning. Rayne wasn't bothered by this. She could use the extra time to make sure things were fine in the infirmary.

Stepping into the building that looked like a cross between a modern-day hospital and an Ancient Greek temple, Rayne was quite surprised to find that there was no one else there. Usually there was at least a handful of people occupying the beds. More time alone for her, she supposed. She was glad anyway. It meant that no one had gotten hurt enough to spend the night in the infirmary. In a camp full of kids sparring with real swords and climbing lava walls, that was certainly a rarity these days.

Humming in satisfaction, Rayne decided to run a check on the supply of ambrosia and nectar. Then she moved on to other supplies - bandages, tourniquets, splints... pretty much everything the healers would need. She didn't know how much time had passed before she changed from humming to herself to belting out some powerful notes at the top of her lungs.


Well, it wasn't like she had a bad voice. Plus, she was alone...


Hm, not quite alone now.

Rayne had just closed the cabinet when she turned, cutting off in mid-note when she realized that she had company. She grinned widely, as if she hadn't been caught exercising her vocal cords in her solitude. Any normal person would've flushed by now, but Rayne wasn't in any way abashed. In fact, she maintained a cheery disposition as she waved at the girl. "Morning! Had a good night's sleep?"
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have a happy morning~ [private]
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