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 ♥ AmazingBrook.'s Characters ♥

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PostSubject: ♥ AmazingBrook.'s Characters ♥   Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:55 am

I don't know if it's okay, but I used the 'New Character Template', because I think it looks neater and more organized. If you want me to do it in the old one, I will.

* birth certificate

Name: Courtney May Dimond
Nicknames: Only her close friends can call her Court or May.
Age: 17
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Godly Parent: Athena
Mortal Family: Courtney’s dad, Mark Dimond [39]. Step-mother, Amelia Dimond [would be 35: deceased]. Half-sister, Lily Dimond [15]. Her father’s girlfriend, Amber Rousseau [27]. Amber’s sons, Gabriel [10] and Lewis [12] Rousseau.
Claimed or Unclaimed: Unclaimed

* camp life

Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-Round
Years at Camp: She just arrived.
Courtney was born on December 31st in New York City. She was a lively child, always excited and moving about. Her mother, or so she thought, was caring and sweet and very much in love with her child and husband. Two years later, another baby was born, under the name Lily Dimond. Courtney and Lily got along from the start. Their family was whole; happy and loving. Until one day, Mark got a call from the police.
“Sir, we’re sorry to inform you,” he said, “Your wife, Amelia Marie Dimond, passed away driving to work this morning at 8:45. A man was speeding down the highway and crashed into the back of her car. It was a hit and run. We haven’t yet discovered the murderer, but I assure you, we will find them.”
She was 31 when she died. Courtney was 13. Three years later, Mark Dimond finally worked up enough courage to find another girlfriend, Amber Rousseau (pronounced ROO-so). Courtney and her younger sister never really had a problem with her, but it was her sons whom they couldn’t take. Gabriel and Lewis were the two most annoying, selfish, bratty children you would ever meet. They would pull pranks on the girls in the middle of the night, spit in their breakfast, put gum in their hair. It was literally torture, because if they did anything back, Mark would give them a good scolding.
Over the years, Courtney’s battle with dyslexia and ADHD was never really so bad. Most of the ADHD kids she knew could hardly do school work. But for her, the only thing that didn’t distract her was writing, reading, and anything educational, even though she couldn’t spell too well.
When Courtney was seventeen, nearly eighteen, something dreadful happened. She was attacked by some sort of weird monster. She won by creating a battle-strategy and out-thinking the beast. It was then that her father thought it was best to tell her the truth.
“Courtney,” he said, “Don’t be scared when I tell you this. Please. But Amelia…wasn’t your mother. Your mother was a Greek goddess. You’re half goddess. A demi-god. Now that you know, you’re not safe. That thing you fought was a Minotaur, and it will be back. We have to take you someplace safe. Camp Half-Blood. I’ll bring you in a week’s time. Trust Chiron. You’ll be safe. I promise you that, Courntey.”

* the psyche

Personality: Courtney is fun and energetic, and she’s always up for a laugh. When she befriends you, she can become slightly clingy, but it’s out of kindness. She has a short fuse, and will get mad over the slightest things on occasion. She doesn’t judge people when she first meets them, but if you do something to hurt her, well… she’s not necessarily a forgiving person. She likes it when people make her laugh, and she likes making people laugh even more so. Overall, she’s a kindhearted girl who cares for her friends, but when she gets mad, she can hold a grudge.
Fatal Flaw: Courtney’s fatal flaw is superiority. She always wants to be better than everyone else. She can’t stand losing.
Likes: Courtney likes drawing. She’ll sit in her bed for hours sometimes, drawing and doodling. It’s possibly one of her favorite activities.
She enjoys sword-fighting a lot. It’s definitely her favorite thing to do. She likes sparring with people, and learning new techniques to try. She never quite got into archery or knives, but with swords, it immediately clicked.
Courtney also likes doing crazy stunts. She’ll do the rock wall ten times in a row, just for fun. She just likes to try new, dangerous things.
Dislikes: If there’s one thing Courtney hates the most, it’s when people try to show her up. Whether it’s in physical battle, or battle strategies. Don’t ever say straight-up that your plan is better than hers.
Courtney hates annoying sea-nymphs. Though she enjoys hanging out by the lakes, she can’t stand it when the sea-nymphs surface and start gossiping to her. Though a few of them aren’t like that, she can’t stand the ones who are.
She also dislikes strawberries. You can guess Courtney was slightly reluctant to go to Camp Half-Blood when she found out it was on a strawberry farm.

* the appearance

Physical Description: Courtney has straight, light brown hair, which reaches down to her mid-back. She usually throws it up in a carefree-ponytail, but she’ll wear it down on occasions. Her baby-blue eyes are slightly too big for her face, but they fit her, giving her the added eager-look. She isn’t necessarily muscularly-built, but she doesn’t look frail or weak. She could definitely be qualified as ‘intimidating’. Courtney is slightly shorter than the average girl her age, but only by a few inches. That doesn’t mean she can’t pack a punch. Big things come in small packages, they say.
Dressing Style: Courtney usually just wears her orange camp tee-shirt and some oddly-colored shorts. Purple, pink, green, you name it. Her favorite is orange and bright blue, like her eyes.

* the defensive system

Demigod Talents: Courtney is good with swords, basically any type of sword.
Weapons: A long celestial-bronze sword called Dunamas, meaning ‘power’.
Pets: She doesn’t have any pets.

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PostSubject: Re: ♥ AmazingBrook.'s Characters ♥   Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:26 am

Courtney is

Happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: ♥ AmazingBrook.'s Characters ♥   Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:52 am

Thank you! :)
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PostSubject: Re: ♥ AmazingBrook.'s Characters ♥   

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♥ AmazingBrook.'s Characters ♥
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