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 just another walk on the beach

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PostSubject: just another walk on the beach   Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:59 pm

Cameron Bueller

Cameron was walking around the camp, feeling bored as if there was nothing to do. He had finished training, and he didn't really feel like going to lunch, later that turned into not going to dinner either. He ran his hand through his fingers, making it look messier than it usually did. He decided that walking was much more productive than laying in his bunk while his brothers and sister went out and enjoyed themselves.

Cameron never understood the need to have to go and do something social every second with a different person. He shrugged mentally, 'Whatever' he thought. It's not like it mattered to him that no one really talked to him. It wasn't like he was that impressive to them, 'You would be if you danced in front of them.' he said to himself. He shook his head in annoyance. He was so alone now that he was starting to argue with himself. He didn't like it. He wanted someone to talk to, he didn't even care if it was a little kid. He just wanted to do something.

It wasn't very fun to try and do fun things on your own; Cameron found that out a while ago. He sighed, finally walking towards the beach. He sighed, finally walking towards the beach. It seemed like a quiet day in October. It was leading up to Halloween; some kids he knew were picking out costumes, and choosing where to go and how to sneak out to go trick or treating. He had stopped trick or treating when he was ten. It seemed childish to continue trick or treating at his age. Haunted houses or something, maybe, but Halloween just wasn’t Cameron’s forte. He sighed, reaching the beach.

He just didn’t seem to be in a very peppy mood today. He kicked a rock, looking out at the waves crashing against the sand as the wind blew through, causing the air to become chilly. He put on his jacket, not wanting to be cold. He wondered if anyone would be around here, or if it would just end up being him there. All alone.

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just another walk on the beach
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