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 Jacobs imagination

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John Green


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PostSubject: Jacobs imagination   Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:41 pm

Name: Emerald Blackwell
Age/Birthday: 15 November 31st
God Parent:Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Mother, Susan Blackwell deceased; Father figure, Jamie Blackwell,married to Susan Blackwell after Emerald was born, alive; Step-Mother Maggie Weller Alive.
Years in Camp: 2 years
Brief History: Emerald, lived a perfectly normal life, until she turned 12, then everything in her life went spiraling down. Her mother died in a tragic plane crash. Only a few months later, her father married a woman, whom she hated. She slowly feel into depression, and then self harm. When her Father, and step-mother, started sending her to a shrink. After a few sessions, Her psychiatrist, who she actually liked, revealed herself to be a satyr, and she took to emerald to camp. A few weeks into camp, Emerald decided to write a letter to her father, telling him what happened, and apologizing for just disappearing.
Physical Appearance: She is tall, with black hair and blue highlights. She wears band shirts
, black pants, and red converse. She has snake bites and ear piercings. She wears a skull and crossbones necklace. She has scars on her wrists from cutting herself. Pale skin, and wears heavy . She has pale green eyes with yellow flecks. She wear no make up except the eyeliner.
Personality: She is kind and caring, but shows herself as a shy, emo girl. She shows her real fun personality only to close friends. Through a year of bad on bad on bad, she has become quiet and snippy.
Fatal Flaw: She cares too much about loved ones, especially her dad
Talents:she is a phenomenal artist, and writes music for a hobby.
Weapons:She carries a short sword and a special bow she got from her dad. The sword is nothing special, but the bow is long, black, leather handle, with a serpent twisted around it. She has special arrows like hydra arrows, weighted arrows, etc.
Year-Round or Summer: year round
Bonus note: History by camcam9999


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PostSubject: Re: Jacobs imagination   Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:01 pm

* pending.
-----------check your PM's.
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Jacobs imagination
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