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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 The Forum Timeline

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PostSubject: The Forum Timeline   Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:25 am

Ladies and gentlemen, the forum timeline. Further down in the timeline, there is a marker showing where we currently are in the plot. Please use it to reference your characters!

Sometime in the 1930s: Nico and Bianca Di Angelo are born.
December 13, 1935: Hazel Levesque is born.
1940-1941: Maria Di Angelo is killed. Nico and Bianca are put in the Lotus Casino by Hades.
1942: Hazel Levesque dies, and begins her afterlife in the Underworld.
1980s: Michael Varus takes the Fifth Cohort to Alaska, never to return.
1986: Luke Castellan is born.
1987 / 1988: May Castellan attempts to take in the Oracle. She fails.
December 22, 1988: Thalia Grace is born.
Summer / Autumn 1992: Percy Jackson is conceived as Sally Jackson and Poseidon have their affair.
March 1993: Annabeth Chase is born.
August 18, 1993: Percy Jackson is born.
1993 / 1994: Jason Grace is born.
1996: Jason is given to Hera.
1997: After training with Lupa, Jason arrives at Camp Jupiter.
1997 / 1998: Both Luke and Thalia run away. They meet eachother.
2000: Annabeth runs away from home, and is found by Luke and Thalia.
Early 2001: Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth arrive at Camp Half Blood. Thalia is turned into a tree.
December 21, 2005: Luke steals the masterbolt.
Early 2006: Mrs. Dodds confronts Percy at the museum, and is vaporized for the first time.
June - August 2006: The Lightning Thief events take place.
2007: Mrs. Dodds removes Bianca and Nico from the Lotus Casino as a lawyer.
June - August 2007: The events in the Sea of Monsters take place.
August 18, 2007: Percy turns 13.
December 2007: The events in the Titan's Curse take place.
August 18, 2008: Percy turns 14.
Late August, 2008: Percy has his orientation day. The events of the Battle of the Labyrinth take place.

---- WE ARE HERE ----

August 18, 2009: Percy turns 15.
Winter 2008 / Spring 2009: Nico discovers Camp Jupiter.
June 2009: Jason and Reyna are elected praetors.
August 2009: the Battle of Manhattan takes place.
August 18, 2009: On Percy's sixteenth birthday, Luke Castellan dies. The Titan Army are no longer a threat.
September 2009: Nico takes Hazel from the Underworld, to Camp Jupiter.
October 2009: Jason goes missing from Camp Jupiter.
December 2009: Percy goes missing from Camp Half Blood. Three days later, Jason is found on the bus.
April / May 2010: Percy wakes up, and trains with Lupa.
May 2010: Frank Zhang arrives at Camp Jupiter.
June 2010: Percy Jackson arrives at Camp Jupiter.
June 25, 2010: Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood meet for the first time.
Credit mostly goes to - Original found here..

Credit to the lovely Zelly for coming up with this idea and finding / putting together the timeline!

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The Forum Timeline
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