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 Characters! Let's do this thang!

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PostSubject: Characters! Let's do this thang!   Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:33 pm

OKAY! GUYS! Let's do it!

Character One
Name: Achilles "Ace" Jones

Age/Birthday: 16/ April 21st

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hecate

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family:
Petro Jones (Father)
Athena Jones (Sister)
Jenna Jones (Father's Wife)

Years in Camp: Four years, seven months, three weeks, and five days

(Not So) Brief History:
Ace grew up as the black sheep of his family. His father's wife, Jenna, never accepted him as part of the family and his sister, Athena, treated him like a leper because her mother did. He spent most of his time hidden away in his room. It was then that he learned what he could do with his imagination. At first it was little things: a talking teddy bear, specs of dust dancing in accordance with his mind, until finally things he imagined came into being.
One night during dinner with his family Jenna was trying to force Ace to eat asparagus. He spent three hours resisting until his step-mother got tired of fighting. The moment she walked away he imagined as hard as he could and focused on the asparagus until finally, they did what he wanted; they turned into licorice. Jenna came back and was furious, assuming he had fed the asparagus to the dog, but his father knew the truth right away. Later that night he tried to explain to Ace the dangers of what he had been doing and made Ace promise to never do it again. And he kept his promise... Until the night his house was attacked.

Physical Appearance: When he first arrived at camp, Ace was a scrawny, pasty kid. But after having been around for four years, he's developed into quite the young man. The hours of sword training have taken away the layer of baby fat and have been replaced by a small layer of toned muscle. He's still similar to his scrawny self size wise, but now he's not embarrassed to go swimming. His precariously styled chocolate brown hair is inspired by his favorite British sci-fi hero and his crystal blue eyes seem twinkle ever so slightly when an idea pops into his head.

Personality: After spending twelve years of his life hidden away from the world thanks to his evil step-mother, Ace is surprisingly normal and social. There is nothing extraordinary about his personality. He's got a dry, witty humor and a sharp tongue to go with it. He spends as much time as he can bettering himself because nothing he seems to do is enough. And when he's not training, he's watching some TV show and gushing about it to all of his friends. He is prone to random breakdowns when the stress gets to him. On the outside he tries to be the best he can be and feels enormous pressure thanks to never living up to Jenna's expectations. Those close to him get a special experience and get to see the real him.

Fatal Flaw: He often gets sidetracked by simple things and people. He can be brought back on track quickly, but until he gets something out of his system he will continue to get side tracked. On top of that he is extremely loyal to his friends. Loyal to the point of almost being killed his first year at camp, saving the first friend he had made. He can't handle the same amount of stress and dependance as normal people can.

Pets: None (allergies)

Talents: He can create things with his imagination. Small things are easily created and don't use much, if any energy thanks to the help of the other Hecate campers. Bigger things and extremely specific things (keys to a certain door for example) take quite a bit of energy and has been known to cause fainting spells. Because of this he prefers to stick to sword fighting, using magic or his powers only in extreme circumstances.

Weapons: A celestial bronze sword and shield stored in a locket along with a picture of his father that one of the Hephaestus campers made for him during his second year as a thank you for keeping a very big secret.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Other: He can frequently be seen bopping around camp singing songs badly. An Apollo child he is NOT.


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PostSubject: Re: Characters! Let's do this thang!   Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Characters! Let's do this thang!   Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:38 pm

Thanks! I changed it so many times in the course of an hour! haha
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PostSubject: Re: Characters! Let's do this thang!   

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Characters! Let's do this thang!
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