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 Mavis: Daughter of Magic

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PostSubject: Mavis: Daughter of Magic    Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:13 pm

        * birth certificate

          Name: MavisNicknames: (N/A)Age: 16Place of Birth: New YorkGodly Parent: HecateMortal Family:Father= Jace GreyBrother = Morgan GreySister = Jessica Grey Claimed or Unclaimed: Unclaimed

        * camp life

          Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year RounderYears at Camp: three yearsHistory:Mavis's life was incredibly average, minus all the special help she was required to have in school. her dyslexia and ADHD were controllable to begin with but even the medication given to her had slowly but surely begun to stop working. It wasn't until the age of 10 that the monsters started to attack. Though she was unable to see through the mist. Yup a child of Hecate who was unable tosee through the natural power of her mother. But Mavis had no idea of monsters. Her father refused to talk about her mother and even went so far as to state she was dead. When the monsters attacked the loving "new family" her father had created he simply tossed Mavis aside like she were nothing to him. She was only 12 years old and was forced to live upon the streets. Living on the streets was a tough life, though she learned to defend herself quick enough, it seemed her adhd and dyslexia were tools she could utilize when it came to combat and reading ancient greek. Why this was she had no idea. It wasn't until she were running from what she would soon know as hell hounds. it was the eve of her 13th birthday and she had finally found a saviour. An archer with a face worthy to marry Aphrodite herself saved her, rescued her and took her to the place known as Camp Halfblood. A beautiful area a gorgeous camp. There she would learn about her heritage...or well a heritage that she might have. She could be a daughter of multiple gods...she had shown no special skills. Well sometimes when she were running monsters seemed to strike invisible walls or chew on the earth as if it were a body...she seemed to make them think what she wanted them to. But she knew nothing of that.At Camp halfblood she read about all the monsters she could as well as the gods. her most scary moment was reading of the Arai. the curse demons scared the pants off her. They were the worst demons to face. Killing them placed a curse upon you. the more demons you killed the worse the curses could be. It was scary. now she was 16 having been there 3 years she was well known in Camp Halfblood and she hoped well liked. She had gained power in certain ways and had practiced with the kids of Apollo, she was good with a bow and over the years would help bring demi gods in to the camp. An unclaimed child wasn't as smelly to monsters. Now she waits in camp...hopign one day her mother will claim her.    

        * the psyche

          Personality: This young girl has an outer appeareance of loving and caring. This is not a lie, for she does love those whom bond with her, The beautiful girl has a rather beautiful personality not because shes 100% kind and 100% caring. no its because she is real. She has a voice that can be quelled or can be brought out of her through different scenarios, She has courage than can defeat even the most courageous heroes, but she also has courage that can be destroyed, by the most wicked of warriors.  Oh she can love and she is always faithful. She can be a cow and instantly hate someone or grow a friendship out of hate. She can instantly like someone as a friend and as she is loyal to those she cares about rather scarily so, she will sadly put her life on the line and the world to protect them. Confident and Stubborn, this confidence and stubborn nature of hers on time can get her in trouble, Yet she will never back down even if her point is proven wrong. She holds on to her beliefs and ideals and will never let anyone tell her otherwise. Her dream is what keeps her moving and no one in this world can tell her otherwise. This being said she does not take defeat very well and will begin to doubt herself. If she loses too many battles eventually like most her confidence and hard shell can be shattered and may never be able to be picked up. Her aspirations allow her to show how driven she is, when she has a goal set in her mind she will follow it full speed a head. Her temperament like any natural woman can change from hot to cold, She is noted to have a bit of a fiery temper mixed in with her kind sea breeze like temperament. She is semi superficial as she does care about her appearance in a multitude of ways. Her polite nature is what she exudes most of the time and she does her very best to push herself to make friends with everyone. Competitive isn't a word able to be used for they have not invented a strong enough meaning when focusing on Mavis. Fatal Flaw: LoyaltyLikes: VindalooIrn BruChocolate fudge browniesDislikes: SnakesSpiders Arai

        * the appearance

          Physical Description:
          Mavis is a beautiful brown haired girl, She stands at 5ft6 and holds herself with an air of dignity and poise. her long brown hair is naturally curly and falls down to her shoulders, her eyes are a shining hazel color that can be seen to glow in the light of the sun or the pale light of the moon. Her complexion is slightly paler than most and her ruby lips are redder. She seems to be like a modern day Snow White without the seven dwarves. Her fashion sense is rather simple though she can girl it up like the best of them she prefers casual attire that is comfortable over stylish. Sometimes this girl wont give a damn and will wander around in her sweats. Dressing Style: Optional

        * the defensive system

          Demigod Talents:Power over magic - As a child of Hecate, Mavis has the ability to wield magic. Power over the Mist - Being Hecate's child, Mavis has some ability over manipulating the mist like other children of Hecate. Mavis was a dancer before the monsters assaulted, Ballet and ball room were her areas of expertise though she was also proficient at break dancing. This granted her an extra degree of flexibility, co-ordination and stamina. Knowledge of poisonous plants and herbs and necromancy. [Can touch the dead] [note - She has knowledge of necromancy and can touch the dead, she can not summon the dead or control em]Weapons: Bow and ArrowsPets:N/A

        * the puppet master(for new members only)

          Name/Alias: MavisInterests: Rping/reading/writing.How you found this site: Google

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PostSubject: Re: Mavis: Daughter of Magic    Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mavis: Daughter of Magic    Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:20 pm

check your pm's

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PostSubject: Re: Mavis: Daughter of Magic    

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Mavis: Daughter of Magic
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