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 All these skipping stones (Wicked)

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Kol Mikaelson
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PostSubject: All these skipping stones (Wicked)   Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:47 pm

Son of Demeter

The sky was awake, so Scott was awake. And so Scott must play.

The son of Demeter searched desperately throughout his bright day. The sky was clear and blue, excellent weather. Campers had flooded to the beach to go swimming, surfing or just sunbathing. Other's relaxed around eating popsicles, or laying in the shade. And yet others were training, playing volleyball or basketball. And Scott didn't want to do any of those. He despised swimming, he was not much of a fighter, and he wasn't big on sports. And still, he sought something to do for he was not the kind of guy to just lay around, especially on a day like this.

Unable to find sustenance for his adventurous and active appetite, Scott wandered from on end of the camp to the other. He first started at the forests, but found it was a little creepy. He then moved on to the strawberry fields. Perhaps, he thought, his garden-based talents could be of use. Although the strawberries were enticing, however, it seemed that enough people were harvesting that there was no need for Scott. And so he moved on. He remained wandering from activity to activity only until he ended up at the lake.

Scott bent down and plucked a rock off of the shore of the lake. There were no canoe races going on today, but that didn't mean Scott couldn't find entertainment some other way. He held the rock in his hand and examined it, turning it on its side. Silently declaring that it was indeed flat enough, Scott looked out onto the lake. He put the rock between his first finger and his thumb. He then bent his knees just a little bit in order to level himself to the water.

"Alright, let's go for five," he said to himself. His arm wounded up behind him, and then pushed forward as if he was throwing a frisbee, only backwards. The rock flew from Scott's hand and slapped onto the water, skidding a little, and then glided along the top of the water. The rock did about four skips and then dove into the lake with a plop. Four seemed to be the most that Scott could get in the fifteen minutes that he had been trying. After watching the stone submerge, Scott's eyes fell down to the ground at his feet in search of another flat rock.

Created by Blitzy of Caution 2.0
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a. hams
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PostSubject: Re: All these skipping stones (Wicked)   Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:18 am

nikolai winchester - - - -

It was a nice day out, and so Nikolai decided it was time for a walk. He didn’t exactly know where he was going, or where he would end up, it was just something to do. It seemed like today was a sort of lazy day for Nik, who was usually up at four in the morning, doing extra help around camp because he was just that kind of person, and went to bed around one in the morning. It was clearly evident what lack of sleep was having on the young teenagers body, starting with the horrible bags under his eyes, and it didn’t help that his health was poor to begin with. In all honestly, Nik didn’t know why he did the things he did, he just did them and that was that. It wasn’t like he wanted to be anorexic or have troubling sleep patterns that disturbed him, it just happened. It was like it was coded into his DNA that Nikolai Winchester treated himself like shit, because he thought he was shit. But the walk seemed to help take his mind off of those thoughts that wore Nik down into darkness. 

His legs took him up to Thalia’s tree, where Nikolai watched the clouds float by over the sun, and he dozed off for a bit, just a hint of a smile on his face. This was going to be a good day, he’d decided when he had first woken up, and it was. There wasn’t any battle wounds or scars to tend too, no nightmares to deal with, and certainly no scary brothers of your girlfriend to defend yourself against. So far it had been a pleasant morning, and it was a pleasant afternoon when Nik woke up. He jogged down to the lake, deciding that the water would be a nice background noise to listen too while he divulged in happy memories of his childhood. Turns out, if Nik went far back enough, that he had a really good life. Of course, this was all before 7th grade, when the bullies started to make fun of him for still having some baby fat. But Nikolai tore his stray thoughts away from that river of hell and focused on the waves. There was another boy there, skipping stones into the water. Nik couldn’t skip rocks. He couldn’t do much of anything, really. 

“It’s a nice day out, isn’t it?” Nikolai said, not one to be a stranger towards the boy. He didn’t like silence, unless you were trying to sleep or it was a nice silence that made everyone comfortable, and this was the awkward silence that Nik tended to stay away from. It seemed that the boy was looking for another rock to throw, and Nik found a good looking one. He handed it to the boy and smiled helpfully. “This looks like a nice one, but I don’t skip rocks so I’m clearly not an expert.” Nik stepped back a bit, giving the other demigod his space, and he looked at his worn orange chuck taylors, tuning everything but the noise of the waves out.
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All these skipping stones (Wicked)
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