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 dancing around the lies we tell--- private

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PostSubject: dancing around the lies we tell--- private   Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:08 pm

appearing as... kalina nikolova

black high heels clicking against the wooden floor of the hera cabin, the newly brunette barely acknowledged the other people around her. some threw hello's at her, some tried to start conversations- and all of them referred to her as kalina. it was perfect. absolutely perfect. none of them knew the truth... and that was how it was going to stay. far as she was aware, the hera cabin leader was spending the evening reading at the lake, in a little secluded spot which kagami was almost positive was not well known. there was a certain air of danger around the way she stalked the cabin, something which made it sure that none of those few who tried to start conversations would begin to follow. none were used to this hostility from kalina, which was what made it even more fun for her. perhaps she'd cause some trouble for the clueless cabin leader. that would be swell. reaching the boy's room, kagami squared her shoulders, taking a deep breath and pasting a kalina-like smile on her face. sure, her outfit may be out of character for the dull as dishwater nikolova girl (who wore pastels? who wore stud earrings? why would you wear pumps at this time of year?), but her face was the perfect image. if they stood side by side, there would be no telling the difference... well, unless you compared tails. where kagami had one, kalina would not. and that was the only way you would ever work out the difference between the two, because when it came down to it? she was damn good at impersonating those she put her mind to. the girl brushed some long brown hair back over one shoulder, raising her hand and making a fist, knocking on the door briskly. she knew he would be the only one inside. she was no fool, and when she wanted something- in this case, the destruction of some of those friendships her doppelganger held dear- she worked hard. the door swung open seconds later, and she fixed cold brown eyes on the boy in front of her. "ron! how have you been?" the voice was too... low, perhaps, maybe she should have tried peppy. "i hope you don't mind me stopping by... i wanted to catch up. see how you were, all that jazz." a slight laugh. "mind if i come in?"
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dancing around the lies we tell--- private
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